Argos name Corey Mace defensive coordinator

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts have named Corey Mace as the team’s defensive coordinator on Thursday.

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Pinball will be announcing the Argos are going to change to new uniform colors ! Instead of the dull double Blue. They are changing to the exciting White, black and Red! Mr. Clemmons stated the reason is to help the new personnel and players adjust to working in the Eastern Division. When it was pointed out there is another team with those colors, Pinball stated "NO! The other team is Red, White and Black. And besides that team is in the Western Division."

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This is embarrassing already. It used to be the Riders and now it's the Argos. In the past 10 years the Stamps have probably lost an entire 1st team. Can anyone in this league scout or develop anymore? Apparently not. Nothing personal but here's hoping you fail hard, Mace.

Argos are the worst franchise that can’t ever build a team or a coaching stuff within their organization rather steel from every other team.