Argos Moving To BMO Stadium?

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A fight between Rogers and MLSE? Between Paul Godfrey and Richard Peddie?
Those two guys haven't got a brain between them.

Pretty big brush you're painting with there ReggieBarnes... the same can be said for CFL fans who cry for government handouts for stadiums or protection for the league everytime the big bad NFL wakes up and looks to the Great White North in hope of expanding its domain.....

Over-reacting - yes - a small but very vocal number of fans are. But I do see where they are coming as my seats are in the south end - they have very valid points.
Soccer supporter groups are vocal in nature - and that's a good thing. They look out for the greater good of the fans and hold the owners accountable. The CFL could use and injection of that kind of passion. Maybe we'd have better stadiums or more teams by now.

As for the atmosphere... forced? Hardly. Psuedo European? Not quite - it's actually quite a mix and seems to be taking a life of it's own around the stadium on gameday. Check it out sometime.

Earl - Deesparate or maturing or transforming in another entity? The league was created as a developement league for US soccer - nothing more.
Maybe they have come to a point where they see a lucrative market ain Canada and unfortunately we failed to capitalize on it?

I didn't read about Garber trashing the Argos... link? I read that he wanted BMO Field to remain a soccer facility....

Aside - If everyone thinks BMO Field is susch a dump why move the Argos there?

No problem - I read that piece and had a chuckle. I'm a fan of both teams involved here and have to admit it's like having your two best friend at each others throats over an ugly (but overly friendly) Lady in a bar 5 minutes to last call.....

alpha, how lucrative can Canada really be with just 1-3 teams in the league? If they MLS is going to rely on Canada to make them "big", that league won't last long. Not wishing bad on them but just saying. Garber's comments about the Argos were a sort of trashing IMHO, at least how it came across in the press. Hey, the guy is desperate for respect so he can trash a CFL team. Try doing that with the NFL, he can't and that's why the MLS is in trouble.

Like I wrote in my comment on
It doesn't matter how popular TFC is in Toronot. If American teams start folding, the MLS is dead. Despite the number of season tickets TFC has. And despite the sellout crowds and the waiting list.
If it doesn't work down there, its over.
Then the Argos get to do what they want with that stadium.
I give the MLS three more years.

It's all relative - if the three Canadian franchises are making money from day 1... the expansion was worth it and they've tapped into a money maker. Compared to say Columbus or Kansas City?
The MLS is in no way relying on Canada to make it big time. They are just trying to tap in the North American soccer markets to support the existing structure. Like i said unfortunately for us the CSL - older version - could not make a go of it.
I'd prefer to see a trully Canadian soccer league on the level of MLS or USL with a FIFA sanction.

2011? I'll take that bet....
Your right if teams start folding.... but I don't see that just yet. New stadiums are being built. New franchises through 2010. 2 more to be announce for 2011 and anoth 2 in 2012-14... hold at 18 teams and stabilize for a few years then expand to 24 teams. The league has said its looking at a small profit for 2009 (that remains to be proven but that's waht Garber said). If that turns out to be true and they can make profits from new franchised right of the bat I'd say they'd be around for a long time...

Like I have been saying, it's a matter of time and then it will be a house of cards.
TFC last road game in Denver drew an announced 11,000 fans, of which the last best estimate by those who know and follow the league, anywhere from 3000-5000 seats per average game are either free or heavily discounted, ala 2 for 1.
The other MLS story which hasn't really recived too much play here in Canada, is the LA Galaxy firing it's coach and President as having lost seven straight and I have read some stories how the team is not overly thrilled with the mega Beckham signing as, no kidding, the potential $250M will be a mega loss.
As for BMO, I too have been saying since my visit last year, the stadium is on the cheap and is a dump.
Its the atmosphere in the stands and not the third or fourth division type product on the pitch.
I guess the Argos may want to try to capture this, plus the concession and parking rights, currently everything they do not have at the dome.

why do u keep sayin "backed out"

the argos were NEVER INVOLVED with BMO field ever.

the argos BACKED OUT on a proposed stadium at york university, NOT BMO field.

and again, they backed out of york cuz the dollars they were given when they agreed more than tripled.

its like i ask u to go halves on a house with me where we each chip in $75K, and u agree....2 months later i say, well, actually i need u to front $225K for your half....thats quite the difference!

Okay lets use your analagy....

So friend A (argos)says screw off thats not Friend B (MLSE/TFC) goes and builds a new house anyway....after realizing that friends B's house in nice and would be awesome to use....Friend A trys to come back like nothing happened.......

Friend B would have to be stupid to let that happen

i was not aware that MLSE bult a stadium at york university.

your saying ‘friend a’ is argos and ‘friend b’ is MLSE, but ‘friend B’ is actually york university…MLSE had nothing to do with york stadium and the argos NOR york had anything to do with BMO.

the york stadium and BMO are TOTALLY DIFFERENT.
i dont know why people keep talkin about them as if they are related.

how much money did MLSE put into BMO field, and how much was from taxes…and how much did MLSE get for naming rights?

im sure when u get these numbers, the money MLSE got for the naming right EXCEEDS what they put into the stadium to begin with.

How about friend B having basically no equity and building a house on the backs of the taxpayers and then saying I own the house, scram?

Not disagreeing with the rest of what you say but, as I understand it, BMO wouldn't have been necessary if the York U project had went through. In my way of seeing the world, that makes them related.

Soccer fans don't own the stadium. Why do they think they do? They're like a possessive boyfriend. It's creepy.

So how would CFL fans feel if an NFL team decided to set up shop in the Rogers Centre?

and how much did the Argos put in again?

You keep saying that MLSE built the house - they didn't.They don't own it. It is owned by the City. It was built at the request of the CSA for the U-20 World Cup. At least MLSE put money in up front to get the thing built. The Argos didn't pay anything into the construction....

please prove that MLSE didn't put up any cash... every published story and document, even the City, Provincal and Federal governments say that MLSE helped finance the stadium - $8 million for construction and they paid $10 million for the naming rights...

The total costs in the realm of $62 million cdn.($72 million including land), contributions came from multiple sources. MLSE contributed $8 million towards the construction of the stadium and $10 million towards securing the naming rights of the stadium. The Canadian Federal Government contributed $27 million, with Ontario's government adding an additional $8 million. Toronto paid $9.8 million, and has the ownership of the stadium.

MLSE sold the naming rights to BMO for about $18 million. So the MLSE broke even by selling the naming rights to BMO.... how is this a bad thing again?
How did MLSE rip off the tax payers?

Exactly, BMO and York U stadium project are totally different. The Argos already had their agreement with Rogers in place when approval was given for the stadium project which is now BMO to commence. So why do the Argos feel it is their right to play there, just because they have some notion now that it would be better for them to do so?

This taxpayer argument is really starting to get old - and I mean really old. Taxpayers paid for the construction of a facility that was to be a NATIONAL SOCCER STADIUM. BMO is not solely used by TFC. It is used by the CSA and by provinicial and community organizations as well. So, in this way, the taxpayers ARE getting their use out of it, and plenty of use at that.

Saying the Argos should play at BMO because it is a facility primarily paid for by taxpayers is like me saying I should be able to use the Four Seasons Centre of Performing Arts (also funded by taxpayers) as a venue to host a bachelor party or a burlesque show because, after all, I helped pay for it.

I stand by what I have read and is not in dispute, MLSE share was reportedly $8M and after securing the naming rights from BMO they pocketed an advertised $18M.
We need to see the books, an audit to see if they actually invested for a net return.
The net effect is they made a profit on the backs of the taxpayers, you and me and are not out one cent.
Who was stupid enough, The City, to cut them this ridiculous "deal".
Where is their contribution in this?

On the surface of it, it would appear that MLSE did quite nicely out of this deal. Here is what they stand to gain in terms of revenue from BMO for the next 20 years (as of 2007):

98.75% of ticket revenue (excluding boxes and club seats)
72.5% of luxury box and club seat revenues
91.25% of sponsorship revenue (in-stadium advertising, naming rights, TFC sponsorships like Kia, BMO, etc.)
33.3% of ExPlace parking revenues (during TFC games; rising to 40% )
62.5% of food & beverage revenues
92.5% of merchandise revenues

Yes, you could say that MLSE have made out like bandits in this deal, but before TFC played its first home game, there was no idea that it would turn out to be as successful as it has.