Argos Moving To BMO Stadium?

hockey stadium in toronto is shared with basketball.
football stadium in toronto is shared with baseball ( or vice-versa ).

its only fair that BMO field do what the argos want them to do, since the stadium was originally pitched to politicians as a potential home for the argos...this is what helped get them the funding in the first place....once they secured the funding, they changed the design without knowledge or support of those who granted the funding.

if BMO does become home of the argos, MLSE should be footed the bill to change the stadium back to the original design which they were approved for..which was CFL field size.

any further expansion of the stadium, to 35K, should be split between the argos and MLSE.

Actually the argos where supposed to help build a multi use stadium on York University....when they backed out MLSE went out on their own and developed and built BMO field.....the argos have no "right" to the stadium

the reason the argos backed out of the proposed york university stadium, is they were quoted x amount of dollars, then that nnumber more than doubled.

perhaps the argos have no "right" to BMO, but the taxpayers DO have a right to see the stadium configured in the way it was presented when it was approved for funding....which was in such a way that a CFL sized field would fit.

imagine MLSE requests public funding for a curling arena, gets public funding for the curling arena, then goes ahead and makes a hockey arena instead....its the same thing.

But they "built" it with taxpayer dollars, so shouldn't the Argos have an equal right to it?

Many CFL stadiums either were built primarily for CFL football or have a CFL team as their primary tenant; yet they have those gawd-awful soccer lines painted on the field. But I've never heard any CFL fans whine and complain about those things interfering with our enjoyment of the game.

What I find funny is these soccer fanatics are saying how the ARgos aren't popular anymore and that they want to ruin the success of TFC?

Gee, ARgos last game on TV did 500,000 viewers. TFC on CBC did 50,000. Like, are these people idiots or what?

From The Globe this morning, article by David Naylor:

BMO built with football in mind

Home of Toronto FC 'not a soccer-specific stadium,' Argonauts co-owner says

Toronto Argonauts co-owner Howard Sokolowski insists the notion that BMO Field was intended to be a soccer-specific stadium is incorrect.

And there appears to be evidence to back him up.

Toronto city council minutes from the fall of 2005, at which $9.8-million of city money was committed to the complex, note that the stadium proposed for the exhibition grounds was to be "capable of a conversion to a football format."

[url=] ... ory/Sports[/url]

That's 100% correct Earl - the original plans did indeed call for the stadium to be convertable. A lot of my soccer supporter friends have forgotten that fact or have chosen to ignore it.

However I think a lot of this has to do with the team's identity and finally having a home for soccer in this city. Now that we have one it's tough to let it go or see it torn down to be configured for another sport. Personally, I don't care one way or the other.... as long as my season seats are not pushed 40 yds further away - and seats stay red.... and there are no lines on the field... and we get more restrooms, ATM and concessions to accomodate an additional 15k.... and grass... and a roof.....

As far as the tax dollar thing - I pay taxes as well... I really don't have a problem if it stays soccer only. I think, if we are going to build stadiums with public money we should do it equally. The Argos have a home - one built with tax payers money. It's not like they are being tossed out tomorrow. If they actually sold the thing out it would be that bad. The Grey Cup last year was amazing. It was impressive to see that stadium filled with football fans.

Another idea I've seen floating around is with the 2015 Pan Am Bid... a new stadium has to be built... why don't the Argos hitch onto that ticket?

The new stadium for the Pan Am games is talked about in Hamilton. As the games will be a regional event.
I hope the Hammer finally builds new.
As for BMO, it was never intended to be a soccer only facility and MLSE with the city of Toronto pulled a fast one with the construction configuration of the wall in the end zone, therefore not allowing a football field.
Again contrary to what was promised as a multi use facility and for MY tax dollars.

I see - but is that a set deal? Seems the Argos could still build a stadium out in Mississauga or at Downsview.

Is it that MLSE pulled a fast one or did the Argos taking their ball and going home that made the stadium what it is today?
Remember they were the ones who almost blew the whole u-20 tournament.... MLSE came in after the fact and saved it. Therefore any "rights" to having a say in the configuration at the time were forfeit.

As for the use..
The stadium is being used by the community... actually it is one of the most used city assets. So YOUR tax dollars were being put to good use. Just not for CFL football. The city has already made profit from BMO.
The Argos - as much as I love them - almost cost us a lot more... If the tournament was scuttled and had to be moved we would have lost a ton of money. So blame MLSE all you want - the fact is they were the ones that got the stadium built. They were faced with a short timeline and a money shortage - caused by... the Argos.

The configuration can stll be changed - if the Argos put some money in they can dictate what they want included.... untill then they have no say.
Hey, who knows, maybe the City might pay for it?

alpha, are you saying the Argos should have told the Rogers people who made a sweet deal to them (as they probably didn't want the Argos to get into bed too much with MLSE) to go take a hike? That could have been very dangerous with Rogers in the media business and basically not giving them or the CFL the time of day and less respect than what they get now.

I see the whole thing as a fight of sorts between Rogers and MLSE who really are fighting for the sports business in Toronto and the Argos sort of got caught in the middle of the whole mess, between a proverbial rock and hard place. What do you think?

Even with the Argos at the Rogers dome, the BMO was suppose to be constructed as a multi use facility. For soccer and football use by the community.
Several months ago when it "hit the fan" the city of Toronto were surprised of the end zone construction and maintained it was not their doing. In fact, they stated it was contrary to the blueprints and the "responsibility" was MLSE as being in charge of construction. MLSE did not deny and said it was an error?
So when I say MLSE pulled a fast one in fact, this is true.

I hear you - just pointing out the reasoning for the "fast one".... what does MLSE gain out of not letting the Argos in?
Perhaps they had to trim down costs and speed up the construction by leaving out the retractable seating and 10k in seats?
The Argos backed out and wanted nothing to do with the project... so what do you cut? You cut their specs out of the plan... that way you sacrifice nothing for your product/ fan experience. If at a later date the Argos want in - they have to come up with the cash or get the City to pay for it...

MLSE probably was pissed at the Argos for siding with the Rogers people so they tried and stick it to the Argos somewhat with the end zone construction and red seats and that. Argos couldn't win on this one. I think we've all been in a position like this in our lives if we haven't had the power behind us to call some shots. And Sokolowski/Cynamon as much as I love them for stepping up are no match for Rogers and MLSE. Unfortunately.
In the end, I think the Argos should have sided with MLSE and gone into BMO but that's just what I think and I might be totally wrong on that. It would have cost them bundles though, money and media coverage.

Not at all - hey sports is a business afterall. A very complicated one at that. The Argos took the best deal at the time from a financial and political point of view. I'm not blaming - just pointing out there are many sides to this issue.

I agree. This is a fight between Rogers and MLSE with the Argos caught in the middle - and I wouldn't want to be in the Argos shoes right now. A bad move either way could be devastating. They are faced with a lot of tough decisions in the near future.
They could end up spending a ton of money moving to a smaller venue and still not have it pan out - though the opposite seems true in most cases. But there is still a possiblilty that greater ticket demand may not develope. That's why they are polling us STH.
Get a sense of what we want.
Or they could stick it out and see what Uncle Ted has in his pocket for them....
Funny... was it not 27 years ago we were saying "We want a a dome!" "We want a dome"....?


I'm wondering if Sokolowski and Cynamon should sell the team to Rogers if this is what Rogers wants for whatever reason? Do it for the betterment of everyone in this mess now and maybe their only way out of the mess?
Does Rogers want the Argos?

just for berezin - here's Dobson's point of view...

[url=] ... log_argos/[/url]

I'd be more sympathetic to soccer fans concerns if they (some, but annoying vocal)weren't so whiney, territorial, ignorant, and just plain crazy.

BMO as a stadium is a dump. I guess the atmosphere is OK, if you like forced, contrieved wanna-be European pseudo enthusiasm.

After hearing the (over?)reaction of soccer fans I want to Argos to move to BMO...

..not because it is a better facility, but out of spite.

I hate to lower myself to a soccer fan level by saying that, but I just can't help it.

Good for Dobson. What he fails to mention is that the MLS is so far down compared with the NFL and college football in the US that the MLS will never be that big and having one, two or three Canadian teams in the MLS as flagship franchises shows the MLS is desperate. Why their commish has to trash the Argos in the press, they are desperate for attention they can't get in the US and won't for a very long time.

Nice try Gerry but Toronto isn't really that important I should let you know. In order for the MLS to really thrive and grow, it needs flagship franchises in New York or Chicago, Toronto is basically more or less regarded as an average American city in size and importance in the US, maybe even less.