Argos Moving To BMO Stadium?

Read on the internet that the Argos are considering a move from the Godfrey dome to BMO field.
And of course the soccer people are screaming.

What gets me is why are they screaming?
The bloody thing is not used most of the time.
Whats wrong with having another team there that will fill the place up and make the city money?

Seems the big complaint from soccer fans is they don't want football lines painted on the soccer turf? Huh?

Benefit to Argos would be they get out from a stadium owned by people who want to kill them. PLus they can get some cashflow from the concessions at BMO field.

Don't know why the soccer people get their panties in a knot about the Argos moving in? The Leafs have to share the ACC with the basketball team and the lacrosse team. So whats the big deal???

I think most of it stems from the fact that the Argo's had initially pledged to help build the stadium and then backed out at the last minute.

I think a large part of the screaming is just soccer people not keeping an open mind though. I don't think the city would go ahead and move the Argo's in there unless there was a way to do it which would have minimal effect on TFC.

Three reasons why it won't happen.
Too small, too cheap and most of all, run by MLSE.

Read the comments to the article in the Globe and Mail. These soccer people are coming across as idiots.
They make this BMO stadium sound like its some kind of soccer mecca. But its only a 20,000 seat bandbox.
Its not going to attract any major events. Its not going to make Canada a soccer powerhouse by its mere existance.
What exactly are these soccer nuts so up in arms about
Argos moving to BMO won't affect their beloved soccer team. I just don't get it.

Its because soccer fans have always wanted a soccer specific stadium…to attrack the under 17 championships and the womens world cup. They finally got their wish (with no money for the argos who initially said they’d help fund it).

How would you like it if you and a buddy went to buy a house together and all of a sudden he backs out so your stuck with all the cost…then all of a sudden he moves in anyways. Thats what their pissed at…its their house they built it and theres no way the argos should be allowed in it and i fully agree with them

Who's they? Isn't it owned by the City?

So, it'd be more like you and your buddy agreeing to live in a house that your daddy bought....

After all is said and done and the misinformation about all of this, the city of Toronto owns the stadium and MLSE operates it, as I understand it. So they can court the Argos if they want and all they want and the Argos can do the same regardless if it upsets the footie fans. Of course, both the city of Toronto and MLSE wants to be sure the footie fans keep coming to the games at BMO, that's a given. And with some 8,000 on the waiting list for TFC season tickets, the stadium is going to be expanded I'm sure. So that would be the time to make it gridiron compatible if this is what the city and MLSE want, it's their choice when all is said and done.

Here's an article from the Star this morning.

Personally I don't see a problem if the expansion is done with a minimal effect on the soccer sightlines (southend). The lines can and will be washed off.

As for the "soccer fans" keep in mind that those making the biggest amount of noise on this issue are the supporter groups whose seats are in the south end and the soccer purists... If the seats in the south and north ends are built on a permanent foundation they will be another 30 - 40 yrds further away that the 10 - 15 they are now. That is a huge difference. It makes it almost impossible to watch play on the opposite end of the field. That's why you don't see fans in end seats in soccer stadiums with a running track. It's just too far away. Now if the stadium is built to transform from soccer to CFL seating configurations - there is no issue.
There is a lot of misinformation on both sides of this debate.

Earl - bang on.

So, you want to know why TFC supporters don't want the Argos in BMO? Green2thebone summed it up pretty nicely, but I'll give a more detailed account of why we don't want the Argos playing in BMO.

  1. Having football lines on the pitch is unsightly and will take away from the viewing experience.

  2. Extending the field to accomodate CFL will hinder the viewing experience of the supporters who will be further away from the action.

  3. Even if 1 and 2 are remedied somehow, the fact remains that TFC supporters want a grass pitch, not FieldTurf. Having a grass playing surface will attract more Canadian National teams games to BMO, which is what was hoped would happen when BMO was constructed to be the NATIONAL SOCCER STADIUM. If the Argos move in, forget about a grass playing surface ever, thus the facility never fulfilling the purpose for which it was constructed. Also, forget about TFC attracting top talent, as many players do not want to play on FieldTurf. We have already lost out on players coming here who could improve our team because of the FieldTurf issue.

  4. Yes, BMO was constructed with taxpayer dollars, with the intent of being a soccer-specific facility. I might also add that MLSE made a significant contribution to funding (to the tune of $8 million). The Argos had their chance to share the facility, but backed out when Rogers offered them the rent-free deal.

  5. BMO Field is not only used by TFC. It is used by the CSA, the OSA, and community soccer associations. Having the Argos as a tenant will mean less usage for these other organizations, who are using the facility in the way it was intended to be used.

These are just the main reasons why we do not want the Argos to share BMO Field, apart from sentimental reasons as well.

Having said all this, why DO the Argos want to move to BMO in the first place? I can't see a whole lot of upside.

  1. BMO in its current configuration only seats 20,000. Avg. Argo attendance is closer to 30,000. Yes, BMO expansion would solve this partly, but still would unlikely meet the potential demand should Argos make playoffs, etc.

  2. BMO has way fewer facilities to meet the needs of Argos fans (washrooms, concessions, etc.)

  3. The Argos would likely have to foot the bill for BMO expansion. Ponying up cash for new facilities/expanding current ones certainly hasn't been a strong point in the Argos 150-year history, and with your current ownership, I don't see that happening.

  4. You currently can play in Rogers Centre rent-free until, what, 2019? Why change that? Sounds pretty sweet to me.

  5. Argos moving to BMO will not guarantee current Argos season ticketholders their preferred choice of seating/location at BMO.

There is a misconception on these boards that the TFC supporters groups are anti-Argos. I can assure you that this is not the case. Many TFC supporters after all, are Argos fans. I could care less about the Argos myself (obviously being a Rider fan) but I appreciate their history in Toronto and their place in the CFL.

I have offered you the main reasons why TFC supporters don't want the Argos in BMO. Hopefully this sheds some light on some of the misconceptions here, and hopefully you understand better our point of view.

Good read RiderfaninTO. But it still doesn't alter the bottom line here which is the fans don't own the stadium and the city and MLSE can basically do all they want with whomever, not just talking Argos here, they want in the stadium. Who knows, maybe Ralph Wilson passes away today and Rogers/MLSE buys the Bills and turns BMO into a 70,000 seat NFL stadium. Not saying this is any likely scenario but just saying, that's all.

Of course, TFC fans don’t own the stadium (at least, not exclusively - as a taxpayer, I paid my share, however minimal it may have been). Of course, if the City feels they can maximize revenues by having the Argos as a tenant, and if MLSE feels they can benefit from that arrangement, they will work towards having that happen.

What they don’t care about is the fan experience, and how the Argos moving in will impact that. That is why we are protesting, and WILL continue to protest. All the City and MLSE care about, at the end of the day, is profit, regardless of what product is on the field, and how it impacts gameday experience for the paying fan.

Perhaps the Argos moving to BMO is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean the supporters of TFC will just lay down quietly and let it happen. Just like you guys who don’t like the idea of the Bills coming to town are doing something about getting your opinion heard, regardless of what impact it may have.

It comes down to this.....

The CSA (canadian soccer association) has wanted a soccer specific stadium for ever. They finally got it. OH and for you people that say soccers not a real sport who cares (its the number 1 played sport in canada and 50,000 people watch our womens team play the states at commonwelth).

If football and hockey can have their own specific come soccer can't have ONE?

And you guys who want BMO to be soccer-only should protest, knock your heads out really, that's the only way that anyone will listen in this world. Just like Quebec, if they want the province to be French all the way, you gotta fight for it. I don't object to that at all to be honest.

Hey Green, hockey has it's own specific arena? Have you ever seen those horrible basketball lines shining through the ice at NHL games where they share the arena with an NBA team? My goodness, it's just horrible looking! :lol:

Sadly i've never seen a live NHL game :frowning: so i can't really comment on it.....

But yes they do....GM place, Rexall Centre, Saddledome, Bell centre....but i do get what your saying and i agree with post was just more on the lines of how CSA wants to attrach more international competition (which will help strength our international teams and grow the sport in canada) and if the argo's move into BMO....that'll never happen because they won't switch to natural grass

There are a couple things here.

1- Football can be played on grass, it has been for 120 years or more. The Field Turff argument is just being thrown in there by soccer fans to complain.

2- Painted lines no longer need to be permanent.

I think as long as Soccer fans don't lose out on the deal. Its a good thing for the city.

As to why the Argos would want out of Rogers Centre its obvious. With Rogers and Godfrey promoting the NFL in their market. The Argonauts are going the way of the Alouettes and looking to offer an intimate up close football experience.

So may the Argos play on Grass in front of 28 000 people and may Toronto's MLSA play in front of 28 000 people !

How's this for a compromise. Why doesn't the CFL adopt the American size field? That way it shouldn't make as difficult on the soccer design.
Ok, I know, I know, then it's not CFL anymore. :wink:

They're gonna paint lines on the field....WAHHHH!

Seriously, though, Mosaic in Regina has had soccer lines painted on it for years, and no one is freaking out.

Moreover, they can put lines in and out very quickly, if that was such an issue.

The moving back of the endzone stands, that's at least a genuine argument.

They should just have the Argo's foot the bill to have natural grass put in, that way they appease the TFC fans in getting what they wanted. Also that way Canada's national team will actually play games there instead of refusing to do so and playing them in Montreal instead.

If the city of Toronto, MLSE, and the Argo's do it right it could benefit both parties.

MLS + TFC + MLSE = Bad News

i think your confusing BMO field with the proposed York university stadium.