Argos more popular than TFC - facts prove this case

To end this debate. I was at the MLS championship game Saturday. I got 2 free tickets from my work.

And without holding any biases. I would suggest people to just look at the clear facts of the current state of the Argos and TFC. Whom both franchises are behind the Maple Leafs for relevancy in the Toronto Sporting Market. However 1 franchise gets greater support than the other. Which one is it? read on.

Friday ------ There was zero talk about the MLS Cup. Nothing on radio. Nothing on television. If you were a TFC fan you would have to be disappointed. Argos in the Grey Cup/Argos in the East Final had layers of more coverage.

Saturday ------- game day. Zero mention on FM and AM Sports Hamilton/Toronto they had junior hockey program and had ESPN programming on. No MLS talk. CTV, CBC, Global. Nope. No MLS talk. Did they know the MLS Cup was downtown Toronto? For the East Final in Toronto they were buzzing on local news. They had their broadcasts even 1 day prior to the east final on locations. Not even close, the Argos get more coverage.

Publicity in and around Toronto EDGE - Heavy Argos

FACT - Argos in the GC had more coverage than the Leafs. GC Saturday and GC Sunday.

FACT#2 - Maple Leafs had more coverage than TFC Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Atmoshpere around BMO Field on game day

EDGE - Slight Edge TFC

TFC had about 400-500 chanting fans. Other areas of the stadium prior to the game. It was very quiet. Just a normal pre-game atmosphere. Argos tailgating has a greater buzz. TFC would win for fan enthusiasm at the gates. Argos would win for pre-game entertainment. Inside the stadium the atmosphere was a tie. But i won't be biased as I find the chanting immature and they copy other sport traditions. The Argos lack game day tradition.

Post Game Celebrations


For the East Final and TFC Championship there really wasn't much excitement outside the stadium. Inside the stadium both fans were loud and proud.

Post Game Publicity

EDGE - Argos

This is where TFC gets burned. Argos were on radio/tv locally and nationally about 5x more than TFC. All the local news had heavy wall to wall coverage. Outsiders wouldn't realize this but it seems local outfits would sent their C team to talk MLS Cup. There is absolutely no comparison between the local coverage of the Argos vs TFC.

EDGE - Argos

Championship Parade

EDGE - Heavy Argos

The Argos attracted over 35,000 in 2012. MLS attracted approximately 7,000. These are numbers provided by both Toronto Sun, Steve Simmons, and the Globe and Mail. Also you can clearly see the Argos attracted more for the parade. TFC has zero star power around the city. The Argos have had Flutie, Pinball, John Candy, Rocket, Theisman and quite possibly Pinball being one of the most popular residents in Toronto (if polls were conducted fairly) People want to see the Grey Cup. Nobody knows what the MLS Cup even looks like.

TFC Parade was horrible. They had nobody at times on the route and even bypasses 2 intersections cause there were only 50-70 people standing. Argos parade had 5 rows deep for 5 blocks. TFC fans followed the team down the route.

Championship Rally

EDGE - Slight edge to TFC

Compared to 2012, using the statistics provided TFC had 1,000 more. Compared to 2017, 1,500 approx more. Those are the numbers and so a slight edge goes to TFC for the rally.


TFC is the prototypical MLS franchise. Extremely hyped. Extremely subjective. Extremely private. And it's a tell for what our society is like today. A picture, social media, video can go a long way to convince people otherwise. Based on experiences and actual facts of witnessing the provided evidence. TFC would be comparable to the Toronto Marlies for popularity. Only difference is TFC plays soccer which caters to craved hungry soccer fans. I would suspect majority of TFC fans are english folks who wish they were still living in England during soccer season. Small numbers, but passionate. Nothing wrong that.

Argos are 2 stories. You have the sport. And you have the business. The business side has been a terrible mess and the fans, whom are no different than any other sport fan in any market, had enough. They were treated poorly and it will take time to provide the fans reason to return to the stadium. No difference than any other professional team in any market in North America. Fans have stayed away from going to facilities. Granted, they watch on television, follow them on radio/print/t.v

TFC is at a personal high. In due time, TFC fans or hates will be able to challenge the true identity of their franchise when it begins to falter. It's only a matter of time. The good news for TFC is they have a solid rotating 1,500 fans approx that will bleed the sport and team name. They will always have the appearance they are bigger than they really are.

To decide how involved a franchise is in their community you can easily provide the evidence of structure. FANS, MEDIA, CORPORATE, TEAM PARTNERSHIPS, Where is the $$$$$ coming from. Who is growing up and taking the next man up mentality in Toronto's greater core. And there is absolutely nobody in Toronto that is providing Soccer or TFC with anything to brag. The lack of coverage at times is embarrassing. TFC truly is treated like an amateur team. But as we know in Toronto, where there is a party, these residents will show up.

To truly know the importance of a sporting franchise. The proof is in the pudding. TFC is way down the chain in the Toronto landscape, and presently slightly behind the Argos. In the future, I expect TFC to even slide further.

There is zero evidence to the contrary!

Interesting info, but if you were going to post this as a thread, why did you feel the need to PM me with what you just posted? How many others did you PM?

everyone should be given the facts. you gotta love the parade picture differences. Quite amazing how the Argos are received.

Fact is. Ownership was the problem. The people from Toronto who live in GTA love the Argos. The media loves them. The city shakers also love them. Just have to wake up certain people to do the right things.

Isn't one of the most obvious stats to go to when wanting to measure the level of support a team has now is the attendance at their games this past season - rather than who showed up at a parade five years ago?

One team averaged 13,914 for their 9 regular season home games in 2017 - the other averaged 27,647 for their 17 regular season home games.

One team this past season apparently had 'low single digits' in season tickets (I interpret that comment from the team President to mean fewer than 5,000 - which thankfully should improve next season after winning the Grey Cup. The other has over 21,000 season ticket holders - expecting to be closer to 25,000 for 2018 according to their President.

One team had a 97% renewal rate for season tickets in 2017.

And because of the ticket demand according to TFC they are going to make the extra seats that were put in the north end for the playoff games this year a permanent feature next season.

I'd say by that current measure HUGE advantage TFC.

Some of you here are .....

If you like a sport go watch it..if you don't like it don't watch it

Why do some of you have such aninferiority complex that you have to constantly make comparisons or even think other leagues need to fold or go away?

It's like toddlers fighting over toys

Pat defending one of his teams again..............

Yup - why not? I'm not an Argos fan. I'm a Ti-Cats fan and a TFC fan.

Ti-Cats and TFC have WAY better support - as measured by bums in seats - or standing in front of seats as they do in TFC Supporters Sections - than the Argos do - and the same has been true for years now.

I was actually more optimistic than my Argos season ticket holding friends when the team moved to BMO. I really thought that would provide an immediate and substantial boost in attendance for the Argos. Especially when they were granted the 2016 Grey Cup. My friends were the ones more pessimistic saying they did not think that would be the case.

Turned out my optimism about the Argos was wrong and their pessimism was well founded - at least for the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

Regardless. As posted in many related threads....they are now....'All for One'.....TFC and Argos have been 'Pulled together'

So now....those who have said Rogers have no interest in the Argos and the CFL....please stand up...

You're a Ticats fan ?
I find that hard to believe, as you only seem to post when it involves TFC, the Raps and/or Blue Jays.

I was exhausted from this forum (needed a break) but this pulled me back in.

Full disclosure :

(* Standing up!!! *)

I did NOT see this coming and I was one of the posters who was wrong.
In a word... WOW!!!

To his credit, didn't Mirage call this as well?

I think both teams are equally popular in Toronto.

M.G. may be right. Might be best to pull for BOTH teams.

Full disclosure...

I watched and rooted for the TFC on Saturday. I got caught up in the excitement. :-[

OK I'll jump back to my more hopeful more optimistic Argos outlook that I had in 2015 now that the Argos have all parts of MLSE including the Rogers part on board.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I'm still not expecting an overnignt turnaround but a much brighter future is in store for sure.

And the Argos snagged a very favourable home schedule too. One Thursday night at home against Ottawa and a Friday night game at home against Hamilton and the rest of their games are all on Saturdays.

Yikes! That is good.

What where are the non holiday Monday night , Tuesday night and Wednesday night games ?

Hopefully we never go back to that non professional looking schedule ever again .

That extra week break meant for the players to benefit was actually a big bonus in helping fans know when games are on .Hopefully this will end up helping them get out to the games .