Argo's/MLSE team up to build new Argo practice facility

This has to be positive news for Argo's and the rest of the league, hopefully this is the beginning of the journey that will lead to new dynamic ownership soon.

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Soccer and football work quite well in the same stadium together. There is no need why the Arseholes & TFC (even though the 'S' in MLS means SOCCER) can't co-exist on a near-exact, rectangular playing surface.

This must be a pre-cursor for the purchase announcement of said blue team by M(ono)L(ithic)S(ports)E(ntity).

As great as it is, this doesn't immediately mean "Yeah, MLSE is buying the Argos" mainly because why bother to go through the effort of hashing out a partnership on a practice facility if a purchase is pending anyways. MLSE I'm 90% certain is holding off on the Argos purchase either as leverage for someone or because they think they can better leverage someone by delaying.

Now if that's the city, the feds, the province, the NFL (to scratch their back), the Argos and lord knows who else, no one knows. It's such a secretive speculative mess, with everyone saying "Oh maybe...but they are out..but not all the way...maybe." that is so typical of big corporate organizations.

The timing of this announcement coincides with the recently-submitted formal expression of interest by the Larry Tanenbaum/Rogers family/Jon Bon Jovi group to purchase the Bills. The formal expression if interest is the first legal step in submitting a offer to buy the team.
The announcement will be received favorably by Roger Goodell and the NFL in my opinion since MLSE will be seen as working with and assisting the Argos to remain viable in this market long term. As I recall, that was an important prerequisite for any group seeking to purchase and potentially move an NFL team to Toronto. As board members of MLSE, Larry Tanenbaum and Edward Rogers would have had direct input into the decision to provide the training and office facility so badly needed by the Argos.
According to reports, the decision on a new owner for the Bills could be finalized by the end of August.