Well the mess that is the Toronto Argos took another turn just today when Brad Watters who ran the teams business side was either pushed or jumped.
Who is next? Yesterday in an interview here on radio Fan 590 co-owner David Cynamon said everything and everyone will be reviewed.
Maybe former commish Tom Wright will be hired and might be a good fit as the President.

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Wow, I always thought of him, no inside knowledge or anything have to admit, that he was excellent in all regards. Like I say, just what I see in the papers.

To the contrary Earl, Watters is not looked in pleasant terms or otherwise and is blamed somewhat for the Ottawa mess.
Especially him and the owners taking the GC money and "run".
Supposedly Eric Tillman has quite the negative views on Watters and the entire then Gades disfunctional ownership group.

Thanks argotom. Interesting, never really thought that much about him. didn't realize about the GC and running with the money. So, is Tom Wright in the picture for the Argos do you think?

I hope so as we all remember he is a great guy and is well connected in the corporate community.