Argos may play Oct. 27 & 23 games in Hamilton

Not surprisingly, the Argos have issued a starement regarding future Rogers Centre scheduling conflicts. Depending on how things work out for the Jays, the Argo’s October 17 and 23 games could be played at THF.

An Argo-Cat fan

Not if the jayblues get swept :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard on 1150 TSN Radio Hamilton yesterday that the October 17th Argo home game against Calgary maybe played at Tim Horton's Field just waiting final approval and future games depending on the Jay's playoff race?

After watching Tuesday nights game in Ottawa and hearing Rod Black call the Argo's home Field at TD Place in Ottawa that sounded really bad considering 99% of the fans were from Ottawa anyway.

It's easier to imagine the Argo's at Tim Horton's Field in Hamilton being only a 45 minute drive away from Toronto but still to hear the announcer shout ARGOOOS might be kind of tough to take.

However considering many Ti-Cat/CFL fans from the area would attend and probably cheer for Calgary or the opposition team to win, might ease the frustration of having the Arblows play in our Cat domain. They can call it a home game all they want but I'm sure the fans will make any Argo game a tough one if they call it home or not!


Hmmmm…I don’t seem to be in that grouping. I’m neither frustrated in having an Argo “home game” at THF, nor will I be cheering for Calgary.

Please consider that what is bad for the Toronto Argonauts organization is ultimately bad for the CFL, which is ultimately bad for the Tiger-Cats. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved and shouldn’t be a source of frustration. Our league is too small to have any team fail. Can’t have a Toronto- Hamilton rivalry without both opponents healthy and viable.

Cute pictures, but I can't help thinking, what has Rogers ever done for the CFL? I'll cheer for the Jays as they are Canada's MLB team, not to spite the Argos.

The way things are going, the Argos may finish their season at home after all.

I think Argggs should play all their remaining games at THF. Rogers skewered them so let Rogers suck eggs (rotten, raw). Rogers has proven they want nothing to do with the CFL so major gate receipts at THF would be a good thumbing of the nose at them. We're not sure if we can get down for any of those games, bur sure would like to. Would be good for the concessionaires as well.
No Grey Cup should be played at the dome either.

Lets be real, there will be very few fans at all there, certainly less then there were at Ottawa.

CFL football is not popular enough to have a game in a CFL city not involving the home team. As we have seen it’s not even popular enough at a true neutral site ( Fort Mac and Moncton)

In my seats a number of fans were saying there is no way they were spending money on that game.

Im thinking easily less then 5k in attendance. Perhaps this could be a good chance to just let everyone in free, at the very least children and parents.

8) I had to laugh when I saw this cartoon in the Spectator a few days ago.
  How sad and how true it is !!   

   So two faced and phoney so many people in Hamilton are.  <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->   They hate the Argos with a passion, but in the next
    breath they cheer lustily and proudly for the other Toronto teams, the Leafs, Jays and Raptors  !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

    So pathetic.  The Leafs, not only being the biggest joke team in hockey, also have the most arrogant and ignorant 
     fans anywhere.  They know nothing about hockey at all....other than their own pathetic team.

      Of all the so called teams in Toronto, the only one that I don't have any hatred for is the poor old Argos.
       No body in Toronto even cares about them, or follows them !!   No bull crap praising of them on the sports shows,
        they are basically ignored !!!

        Yep,  that cartoon sure  says it all !!

What I think the cartoon is attempting to portray, Tipper, is that the blew team is the only "pro sport" team with which Hamilton can compete with Toronto. We don't have an MLB, NHL, MLS, or NBA team of our own in Hamilton, so we would (mostly) support those teams from Toronto (I agree with you with Leafs fans - I grew up hating the Leafs).

I think with the close proximity of the two teams in the GTA you certainly will get fans out from Toronto to Hamilton. What the final count will be is another question?

I know many fans from Toronto who drove down to Hamilton to watch the Pan Am Soccer but I would say less than a quarter of those people were CFL or Argo fans from T.O.

Tim Horton’s Field was built for the Pan Am Games and the Cats but paid for by the tax payers of Ontario, Hamilton and Canada
so if they can get the facility rented out with an extra revenue stream, than great. I might not be in favour of the Argo’s in Hamilton but it’s still good for the local economy and an the extra money from the event.

I agree Bowman, it help’s out another CFL team, even if it is the Arblows.


I doubt there'll be more than 15,000 to the game and if there are it will be Hamilton fans cheering against the Argos. I'm not sure why Argo fans aren't willing to drive 45 minutes to see their team for 1 or 2 times. Ticat fans drove to Guelph the whole season in 2013.

You just answered your own question !!

It seems like Argo fans aren't willing or reluctant to cross the street to cheer on their own team, god forbid they might have to actually put in some time and effort and actually drive or commute a whopping 45 minutes to support them. You would think that with the game being played on a Saturday afternoon at 4:00 o'clock that it would be a perfect time to make the trip down the QEW and still get back in plenty of time so they can watch the Leafs lose yet another game on TV as they sit on their big comfy couches, heck if the traffic's not too bad they might only miss the 1rst period, and usually the games over by then,the way the Leafs play. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: :cowboy:

Curtis RushVerified account ?@CurtisGRush 4m4 minutes ago
Argos confirm that game Saturday against Stampeders will be played in Hamilton's Tim Hortons Field at 4 p.m.. #CFL

Drew EdwardsVerified account
#Argos announce that Oct. 17 game vs. @calstampeders will be played at Tim Hortons Field in #HamOnt. All tickets $35 or less. #CFL

wow very cheap tickets

Hmm...Bulldogs game at 7pm...I just might be able to make both games.

already got my sign ready

Welcome to Hamilton..Now GTFO! :lol:

Greater Toronto Football Organization?


well played sir!