Argos may lose one!!!

This tweat from Marcus Ball...

[b]Argos' @MrMarcusBall may leave for NFL

[url=] ... ve-for-nfl[/url] … #CFL #Argos[/b]

Oh well.

It probably's because of all the NFL Bills banners around the Rogers,he probably thought if you can't beat them,join them :roll: :wink: He won't be missed anyway,IMO he was one of the dirtiest and biggest cheapshot artists in the league.Typical Argo-Snot player,not surprising to me at all,good riddance,one less of them to hate is all that is. :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:

I can't say I mind, Ball is a dirty player. I believe he was the one that got that non-called late hit on Burris, and I seem to recall during that game him trying to pick a fight with the tabbies to try to get a retaliation flag. I also seem to recall a couple of dirty plays during the last game at the dome.

Did either of you read the article posted?
It says right in it that he went onto the podium after the game to congratulate Burris and Austin. That's a pretty classy thing to do right after you get knocked out of the playoffs. And the point about him trying to get under players skin to draw a flag is just stupid, if a player isn't doing all he can to get an advantage and win he isn't doing enough.

I saw him doing that after the game and quite frankly it surprised me. I thought it was a sporting thing to do. Not sure if he was chosen by the team to do that, or if he decided this on his own.

Just to be cynical, he is due to be a free agent soon and is weighing his options, one of them might be to go to Hamilton.

Ball is good friends with Issac....

As much as Ball is a dirty player, he is easily the best defensive player on the Argos. He is the Argos version of Chip Cox.