Argos Marketing Blunder

So the Argos have partnered with some online coupon company:

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While there's nothing wrong with that, why are you calling it the "Discount Ticket Zone"? Why not just call it the "Poor People Section"?

The Raptors have something similar, but it's called the Sprite Zone, and while the tickets are (relatively) cheap, they offer promotions there the whole game like T-shirts and little footballs. Essentially, both "zones" are the same, but the Sprite Zone doesn't have that poor people feel to it. The Argos can't seem to get the little things right, even though they're costless.

This is just the latest of a series of lousy marketing moves by the Argos. I drive down the Gardiner, I see TFC billboards all over the place. I can't turn around without hearing something about the soccer team, and that mayhave contributed to me becoming a fan. If I didn't check this site religiously, and read the Star, I can't see how I'd get any information about the Argos. Who's in charge and what are their credentials?

Not a big issue for me. Lions have partnered up with 7-11 for discounted end zone seats as well. It just gives the fans a chance to go watch football for a cheaper price.

MLSE will spend millions to promote TFC, the Argos don't have the money MLSE has. And you ain't seen nothing yet, wait until uncle Teddy and Tanenbaum put the marketing push on the NFL games, you won't even know the Argos play in Toronto I bet.

Really, it should be called the zone. That way the sponsor gets the naming rights. But then they likely would have had to pay for the advertising. :slight_smile:
Same kind of zone in every stadium across the country I would think, tied to some sponsor. I think it is Safeway that has a discounted zone in both Regina and Winnipeg.

This reminds me of the fans called "The Hound Dawgs" who used to occupy the cheap seats in Cleveland before their football team was moved to another city. The Hound Dawgs were loyal Browns fans who used to dress up in dog atire and were fantastic fans of that team until the owner moved the Browns to another city.
The book is "Stiffed" by Susan Faludi-I would expect this book is in most public libraries. Faludi casts a broad look at the problem of men who lost their jobs in the early 90's. The reaction of the "Hound Dawgs" to the team's leaving Cleveland is worth a read.

From my experiences, people who have lived long enough with no money to go to events don't care about these sorts of labels. They are very gracious people and are just happy to be there.


I have plenty of money to go to a game on my own. But, if I my kids want to go and take a couple of their friends, suddenly the discount zone is a good deal and makes it affordable.

Safeway Fun Zone here in Winnipeg, great if your short on cash and wanna go see the game!

Good call, both of you. Lets hope these zones aren't overlooked in any plans for new stadiums.


Isn't it Brad Watters now?

While there's nothing wrong with that, why are you calling it the "Discount Ticket Zone"? Why not just call it the "Poor People Section"?
Hmmmmmmm..... Discount Zone. Sounds like my kind of place!

That same fanatic attitude towards the Browns came back to Cleveland when they did, only now they sit in a section called ‘The Dog Pound’

Western Pizza family fun zone at the Rider games.

And they try to market it more to family's than being a discounted section per se... Since family's tend to have less disposable income, it doesn't come off in a bad way.

7-11 tickets rock 2 for 40 bucks. I can't afford the more expensive seats right now, so i'm always happy to be going.

I don't see this as a marketing blunder, it just shows that the Argo's know that they have some fans that can't afford to go to games espescially with those people who were already getting close to poor before the rising costs of grain and oil pushed them down further.

I don't think he meant the promotion as such was a blunber, but calling it that name was. Like if a movie theater actually called the cheaper Tuesday night viewings "welfare night". :stuck_out_tongue:

Sort of like :

"Pre Owned cars"

instead of

"Used Cars!"

Years ago Edmonton used to call it the Knot hole gang not sure if they still have it.

Knot hole gang! I like that! :thup: :lol: :thup: :lol:

I have purchased many tickets from the "funzone" in Riderville and believe me when I say, "I am not poor".

Pretty useless thread and I can't believe I bothered to reply.