Argos’ Marc Trestman a candidate for Seahawks OC job

Looks like the Trestman hire in Toronto could be a one and gone....

From Three Down Nation....

Go Trestman Go.
And push Ricky into retirement.
Anything that damages the Argos is just fine with me.
An Argo loss is almost as pretty as a Ticat victory...almost.

I get your double blue hatred... I do, but the Argos being a successful organization is good for the CFL. All the teams need each other to be successful. You cannot have a league without other teams to play against.

I understand your "good for the league" mantra.

Sorry, but it does nothing for my argo hatred. LOL.

Just call him Johnny Football minus all the success and rings.

I hope he stays in the CFL. He's a good coach, good for the league. The CFL needs the Argos to be a stable franchise. And while I love to beat them, I don't want them to fail and fold. It's no fun beating a team that doesn't exist. I'd rather beat one that's competitive.

Trestman can generate wins and championships.

Johnny just produces warm spots on sideline benches.

Trestman can take take the money and run. Jim Popp will have no diffiulty finding a new head coach. How about their current offensive coordinator?

Like he had no problem replacing Trestman in Montreal??

Different situation for the pink team, Marcus Brady knows the offence and the players.

Why would Trestman leave? Didn’t work out last time, so why not stay where he is successful, and maybe look for a raise based on his success and potential offer in Seatle?

HC jumping ship? Ultimatums to GC hero? One big happy family? There must be some mistake.

Chasing a dream??

The Argos are historically the most successful franchise in the CFL especially in the 21st century yet they still boast the leagues worst attendance and viewership rates. So why people keep saying the league needs the Argos to win for the league to succeed, I have no idea. They have more cups than anyone yet nobody in Toronto gives a damn

most successful franchise of the 2000? Toronto?? Really???
they have been below .500 for the 2000's I am quite sure. Even 25+ games below .500 I would venture to say. I am quite happy to say that they have been VERY CRAPPY. Re check your numbers and let us know.

That's the frustrating thing with the Argos, long(ish) periods of futility, then bam! They appear in the Grey Cup. And when the Argos make it to the Cup they have a record of winning it.

You don’t need to be a “winner? in Toronto to draw fans, for reference look at the Leafs, Jays, or Raptors. You do have to be perceived as making the fans feel “world class?. Sadly, that’s where the Argos, the CFL, and maybe the fans, seem to fall short.

Grey cup wins in 2004, 2012, 2017 sounds pretty successful to meQuote from: blackandgldonThu Jan 11 2018 15:14:16 GMT-0500 (EST)

Grey cup wins in 2004, 2012, 2017 sounds pretty successful to me and i actually said most successful in cfl history not just the 21st century as they have a league leading 16 grey cup wins, and i said especially in the 21st century where they have won 3 which is pretty impressive considering ssk has 4 in franchise history and Ham and Wpg have yet to win in the new millenium. Yet toronto still doesnt draw and the cfl wheel keeps on a turnin

I have been watching the Arblows and the Tiger Cats for a long and the main difference I see that separates each team is the quality of players the Blows find and play. The Blows are either extremely good or very bad. The Tiger Cats are either really bad or above average and good on rare occasions. That is the difference between both teams in my opinion.

Fans wearing the Grey Cup Champions hats are smiling this afternoon: