Argos make pre-playoff splash, sign WR Josh Huff

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts have signed American WR Josh Huff, American OL Thaddeus Coleman and American LB Brady Sheldon.

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Like I've said before , must be nice to not have to worry about this thing called the Salary Cap . :roll_eyes:

Salary Cap ? What salary cap ?

Man!!! I think the Argos need to change their name and uniform color. Is there no X=Stamp they haven't signed? And as others have said. What about Salary CAP ? Because League HQ is located in TO do Argos get 2 Caps ? Given the Fan turnout the Argos must be financed by the rest of the League!

All they need now is Bo :wink:.

We don't want CHOKER Bo.
But we do need a competent QB since trading Arbuckle which makes no sense.

Stampederfan whines about EVERY THING !!!

Of coarse the Argos sign Another quality player , of coarse the Argos have an endless bank account or salary cap , must be nice to sign anybody and everybody you want and not have to worry about money as the league gives you an open cheque book

Good fast receiver stamps should have kept him glad you got picked up Josh he

How soon can the very talented Josh Huff be ready to start for my hometown Argos. :question: I think John Murphy will have to cut a cheque to the Calgary Stampeders should this sweet deal seal the deal for the Argos in this crazy 2021 season. :rofl:

P.S. No more drop balls for the Argos Josh. A receiver is paid to "make catches" otherwise you know the consequences. :bangbang:

On Friday night the Hamilton Tiger Cats will visit the CFL Argos at CFL Field in Toronto in a battle of salary cap vs non-salary cap teams. It's a giant stain on the CFL how they so obviously prop up the Argos each season and give them this competitive advantage on the field. The Argos have been over the salary cap since the beginning of the season yet magically have continued to add veteran contract after veteran contract throughout the season. Horse-sh*t! P.S. Shame on and Canadian sports writers and broadcasters for sweeping this under the rug.

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