ARGOS make FRONT PAGE of the sun....FINALLY!!!

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after nearly the whole season, the argos are finally on the FRONT PAGE of the toronto sun.

AND, they got the first 2 pages of the sport section....and the als/lions game got a nice half-page article a few pages into the sports section......

could it be....the southern ontario media is realizing CFL is more popular than NBA, MLB, or NFL in canada?????

anyways...heres the article they ran:

[url=] ... 3-sun.html[/url]


Your Welcome

Glad you're finally educating the media out there!

they are so slow!!!

Especially the Sun. I mean, sure they did sponsor the Argo cheerleaders in the 70's and 80's. But then, the Antichrist got hold of the reigns and the paper went to so much pot, I wonder if a BC grow op had a branch (leaf?) office on King St. East.

the sun is the Argos oficial newspaper aswell

What else would you expect after their upset win on the last play of the game over the Mighty Winnipeg Blue Bombers...........

I did not releize that the BOMBERS , were favoured to win.

And how about MONTREAL's last second win over B.C.....who were blown out by WINNIPEG , a week earlier.

Or how about EDMONTON's , last second win over SASK?

Some people have 1 rule for the ARGOS and another rule for evey other CFL team.

your rule....argos are the best team weekly regardless of how they're REALLY doing.

BOTH THE ARGOS and CALGARY not only have better season records than SASK........but they both won their last games and SASK did not....................but YET ..........SASK are higher in your laughible power RANKINGS........." but SASK have looked good in loses " :roll:

They can look good in loses all they want.....WE will take the season records and the WINS. :roll:

LOOK UP THE WORD , " projection " It suits you like a glove.

sask is 5-2 in last 7
argos are 4-3 in last 7
calgary is 4-3 in last 7

argos last win against 5-11 winnipeg ( by 1 POINT )
calgarys last win against 3-12 hamilton

sask last 1POINT loss to 10-6 Eskimos...the same eskimos who beat the argos 17-13
last time the roughriders and toronto played was JUST 3 weeks ago....sask won 24-13

toronto isnt as good as sask. RIGHT NOW.....that could change next week. could be different at seasons end.

EVEN........... CALGARY , is better than SASK , now.......and your laughible ratings.....and previous insults and bragging about nothing are on record.

4 and 3 is BETTER THAN 5 and 2

WINNIPEG JUST BLEW OUT B.C. , and MONTREAL almost lost to seem to forget usual.

And YOU started the insults at this thread. :roll:

Who do you think you are , any way? :roll:

insults…i never insulted u…when did i insult u?
your saying 4-3 is better than 5-2???

who do i think i am…?
i am an un-biased CFL fan, without a favorite team…can U say that?

DG you no doubt forgot to mention how for many years the Editor of the Toronto Sun, was no other than..............Paul Godfrey. Enough said.

ARE U SERIOUS.......Paul Godfrey was the editor??....that MIGHT explain the CFL's decline though those years?


this is me waiting...when did i insult u?
how is 4-3 better than 5-2?


The only pro slant on the Sun was and still is Jim Hunt, who has been around since the beginning of time. Even now notwithstanding the surprising front page today, NFL rules with this paper.

yes...i failed to mention....a few pages after the argos FULL PAGE feature.....was 4 pages of NFL in a row.....makes me puke!