Argos lose

the argo's lost today 22-24 :smiley: just want to up date you

They certainly did make it interesting though, after they recovered the fumble after that punt. And then Bishop led them to getting a TD, but that was as close as the blue team would get.

Allen was 14/18 for 130 yards. Bishop was 7/13 for 75 yards. Both had a touchdown pass. Which of the two will start in next week's game at IWS?

That's great news!!!

However you used the "a" word. Twice! One of those times it was capitalized. Almost burned out my retinal arteries reading that.


i think bishop start frist half and mcmanoh plays second half

Damon Allen didn’t play bad… but he didn’t really play like he was trying to win either. There was honestly nothing special in his game. Had Bishop played the entire game the Blue Team That Sucks would probably have won.

Next Week: #1 Bishop #2 McMahon #3 Allen.

Instead of swearing using the A word, you can describe them as the blue team.

We're not last!

Yes, the blue team is currently the league’s 8th place team. :slight_smile: Might want to enjoy that while you can.

And seeing the A word is not too bad when it is followed by the word “lose.” :slight_smile:

I didn’t see the entire game. From what I saw, neither team appeared to be quite at their best. There might be improvement for blue team, but hopefully they will continue to be winless after next week.

Well, Bombers and Eskimos ended in a tie, so for at least tonight, the blue team is at the bottom of the league all by themselves.

hmmmm The argos can go 0-2 after losing to us next week! Great news!

That was awesome that the argos lost but they also lost their premier kicker noel prefontain to a knee injury ' id bet they are going to have a lot of problems scoring points without him toronto to the basement

Yeah, I just read about that. I haven't heard an update to his injury status but that is a HUGE loss if he is out any prolonged period of time.

I never wish an injury on anyone, but seeing as the ____'s are in town to play the Tabbies next week I can't help but hope he is out for at least one week.

  • paul

He suffered a concussion, too.

When the punt blocker contacted his leg
it spun him around in the air like he was
a roulete wheel and he landed on his head.

If they haven't announced his status yet, that can't be good.

I say he's gone for the year.

Prefontaine has a concussion--severe headache, nausea, fatigue--all the classic symptoms.

An Argo-Cat fan

Barney----- You reveal yourself.

Prefontaine has a concussion--severe headache, nausea, fatigue--all the classic symptoms.

An Argo-Cat fan

I too would think that the schizoid tendencies required to be a combined Argo-Cat fan would result in nausea, headache, and other similar symptoms. :D

Good :thup: :lol:

Oooohhhh, well that explains it!!

Both of me feel better now.

An Argo-Cat fan

Pinball said Noel had a very bad headache
when he woke up the morning after the game.

Rather than just a year ending condition, tsa,
this could be a career ending lifelong problem,

unless he quits going out for drinks after the game. :smiley: