Argos lose multiple players to the NFL

More talent going to the NFL...

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The Argos lost the only talent they had.

I would bet both will be back at some point in time as their uphill fight involves mega politics in the No Fun League.

^ Doesn't look like it... Byron just got a 3 year deal.

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3 year deal doesn't mean all that much as NFL contracts are not gaurenteed. A big Signing bonus means a lot as those go against the cap regradless. It didn't say how significant the signing bonus.

Three years is means squat if you fail to make the team.

Make that 3.

Dominique Dorsey is off to the Redskins.

^ OUCH! Now that's going to hurt them... :?

man DD too....all our CFL stars. not cool.

The latest is that Dominic Dorsey is going to the Redskins along with receiver P.K. Sam (Buffalo Bills), cornerback Byron Parker (Philadelphia Eagles) and offensive tackle Cliff Washburn (Houston Texans). That's a lot of talent going south. Its going to be a tough season for the Argos... :cry:

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Relax. They might be back. Besides, it's not as if the Argos could use a whole new lineup.

Here are a few posts from the NFL:

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Just goes to show that the CFL needs to grow in order to offer salaries that are more competitive...its a tough game! :cowboy:

It would take a serious amount of growth to even get close to base salary. I'm not sure that will ever happen.

There are plenty of hungry players eager to prove themselves and provide a solid, entertaining product for the CFL. I'm not worried one bit.

Yes, they may be back. And there are lots of hungry players, but its the inconsistency that is created when players are coming and going. I believe the quality of the play suffers. :cowboy:

I think that's true to some extent. Coaching and Managment also plays in big part in forming a team though. There are lots of examples where a team has all the money in the world and can't put together a winner if their life depended on it (looking at you Al Davis). The Argos are an example of a team that chronically underachieves, yet has free rent and the caché of being in Toronto, where, one would think, they would have an advantage at attracting players.

Dorsey is such a pipsqueak. If he makes the team with the 'skins he may very well be the smallest player in the league.

How does the second (arguably) worst team in the league lose so many players to the NFL?

Darren Sproles of the Chargers is 5'6" and 187 lbs. Seems the NFL have noticed that small guys can move fast... :cowboy:

That's a very good question. Can someone send this question to Dave Naylor at the G&M?


Not that they get a lot of playing time however. In four years with the Chargers he's had 106 carries for 544 yards and three TDs. So Dorsey may be the SECOND smallest player in the league. If he makes the team. At least he'll make a fat paycheck even if he doesn't play much.