Argos lose more assistants

Chris Jones and Mike O'Shea have already left for HC opportunities obviously.

Now the Eskies have taken more with them, McAdoo will be Edmonton's OC. Ed Phillion DT coach, Jason Shivers DB coach and former Argo WR coach Kez McCorvy will be their WR coach.

Argos got some holes to fill now.

Jones is stealing some coaches away but from the defensive side we sometimes forget just how good a DC Tim Burke is after the Winnipeg HC debacle that he got caught up in.
He had the top defense in just 2011 in Winnipeg and has his own connections to some other great positions coaches to put his system in.
Jones while his defense was very effective it was a way out of the box defense with DE constantly dropping off into coverage etc. Not saying it was bad but a tough defense to recruit players for and only jones has that kind of talent search skills. AAron Maybin will probably be much more effective just playing to his strenths as a monsterous pass rusher coming from the rush end spot. Other pass rush ends will be more likley to want to come to Toronto. Until they got Maybin late last season the Jones defense basically drove away the top Canadian Rush End who was very good in SASK with Chick on the other side.
Like with Jones Milanovich will be able to rest easy and know his defense is in good hands and allow burke to do his thing.

A little of topic here but they also need a special teams coordinator. Toronto acquires many Mac players and I would love to see them bring Mac HC Steph Ptazek to the CFL as the special teams coach. with the small coaching staffs in the CIS Ptazek had doubled as their special teams coach. He could be the only one that could get Kyle Quinlan to come to the CFL. Make a deal with Montreal to get him in Toronto and back to southern Ontario. Sign him to a contract and slot him in as the 4th QB his first year placing him on the 9 game like many rookies do and alow him to learn that West coast offense and move forward with Ray, Trevor Harris and eventually Quinlan. Both Quinlan and Harris appear to be suited for that offense.
If Quinlan earns it in Camp he could even take the number 3 spot and run the short yardage offense. :wink:

Argos sure got picked clean as you can add former defensive assistant Devoran to the list. Ted Goveia also went with O’Shea to Winnipeg. We may see some of Burke’s Winnipeg assistants show up in Toronto now.
I can’t see Ptazek leaving the HC job at Mac for the ST job with the Argos. I would imagine that would curtail a cut in pay. Only see something like that happening if he was fired from McMaster.

The main thing for Milanovich is that he has the OC and DC in place. Except for the OLine the other assistant jobs shouldn’t be that difficult to fill. Lots of former players want to get into Coaching.

I was just ramblin avout Ptazek but that does bring me to a question if anyone can answer.
What does a coach like Ptazek get paid atthe CIS level?
What would a special teams coach get paid at the CFL level?
What do OC's an DC's get paid at the CFL level?

Just guessing and the pay may have gone up slightly with teams having a bit more money at their disposal. CIS HC should be making at least 125,000 plus I believe they are in line for a pension. That used to be top pay for a Co-ordinator in the CFL, with the other assistants making around 75,000. Some of the assistants to the assistants would be much less. I just don't see a HC in the CIS leaving to be an assistant in the CFL unless he wants to work his way up to a HC job. That would be difficult to explain to his wife why he took a 50,000 cut in pay.

I am guesi that CFL coordinators are making more now than 125K
So for a CIS coach to get a Cooridinators job would come with some sort of raise. They would also would most likley have aspirations like any coordinator to be a HC.

In Montreal Blake Nill's name has come up for the HC spot. Now if he went to Montreal and things did not work out he would have the expereince to become a coordinator in the CFL. Also any CIS job opening and Nill would be at the top of the list.
Same with Ptazek. If the CFL is looking to hire Canadian coaches as HC or coordinators they would need to at least look at some CIS coaches as Candidates because if they are not already in the CFL it is where the best Canadian Coaches can be found.

It was a bit of a different time and pay scale for both CIS and CFL but Marcell B. Made the move to RB/REC coach with OC positon short coming and has stayed pretty well employed as a Coordinator or HC on the CFL leel since 2000

Greg Marshall worked his way through CIS ranks at Western to become OC and then a successful teneur as Mac HC. Short stint with Hamilton Ti Cats as soon as he was realeased during the 2006 season. By August of the same season he was fired he was back at Western as OC and then HC in 2007.

With the Canadain Elite IFAF teams CIS coaches have been involved with the best young talent in Canada that are now in the CFL.
So having that Successful National program I would guess that would make them better candidates for CFL coordinator or HC spots.
It would be up to them to leave a sure thing 125K or go higher to the pros and be paid a bit ore and possibily in the future a lot more.
The good ones like Ptazet who would be soought after would easily find a job back in the CIS and in the same conference