Argos lose because of Rob Ford!


Toronto lost the game because Rob Ford made some cracks about Hamilton. Justice has been served. Just thought I would get the ball rolling here. In the end the Argos were not all that they were cracked up to be by Mayor in title only Rob Ford! :cowboy: :roll: :oops:


Rob Ford doesn't even figure into the equation. This game was all about two great teams and their tenacious efforts. How many thousands were at the game? Ford was like so much belly button lint at that game in my books. He was there as a fan. Nothing more, nothing less. He is really quite inconsequential in my opinion. In fact, when the camera was focused on him ever so briefly it was still too long. The time could have been better spent. Who the heck cares about this this guy anyway? I think too much time has been spent on this character quite frankly.

I dunno, if I was an argo player seeing ford at the game in an argo uniform, it would probably make my stomach queezy and affect my play.

Then they deserved to lose. At the end of the day it's some guy who bought a ticket and is wearing a jersey. If that affects your play, you need a new job.

did it escape you that this is another turkeybend thread - ie, tongue in cheek, etc

Not sure why FYB. Most of the players aren't even from Toronto and likely could care even less than I do.

"did it escape you that this is another turkeybend thread - ie, tongue in cheek, etc"…by FYB

Of course it is another Turkeybend "tongue in cheek" thread but what the hey…… you never quite know when the guy is being serious or when he actually believes his own material. lol If it were not for Turkeybend2 these forums would have to be on life support. :rockin:

what kind of trophy???

hee hee, I got it before you corrected it :stuck_out_tongue:

a "trophy"…..any kind of a "trophy". Stop being cheeky.

well, you see, one wears a uniform with pride and to see the likes of ford.........

I didn't "correct" it FYB. I "changed" it. lol

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