Argos Looking For Temporary Replacement at QB

Argo offensive coordinator Kent Austin was a guest on the Bob McCown radio show on The Fan 590 today. The interview focused on the hand injury to Damon Allen, who is expected to miss four to six weeks, and who the Argos might bring in as the temporary third string quarterback.

During the interview, McCown said that he talked with a member of the Argo organization on Sunday and the name of Doug Flutie came up as a possible temporary replacement. Austin had no specific comment about this but he did not rule it out either. Austin said that the ideal candidate should have at least some CFL experience so that he can pick up the terminology quickly.

When McCown asked him whether the offensive system used by the Argos now is the same one Flutie used when he was with the Argos, Austin said that the two systems are different but a quarterback of Flutie's calibre could learn the current system quickly.

why would they bring in another qb wynn looked really good last week and has what it takes to start.

If they are looking for a 3rd quarterback to come in temporarily then I wish them luck in that search.

However if they are look at Retired players Matt Dunigan is available

The Argos are considering bringing a quarterback as a backup to Wynn. Austin had good words for Wynn during the interview today.

that makes more scence. Wynn has the skills to start but if he goes down oh boy are they in trouble. Crouch is the worst looking qb ive seen in a wile.

Crouch made Brady look like the next Warren Moon

the issue is not as much Crouch's lack of ability. The current QB depth chart is as follows:
#1- Wynn, #2- Crouch, #3- Prefontaine.
If it comes to it, the Argos have their P/K in as QB. While this would allow some interesting trick plays it means they could loose their QB's and P/K.

that would be an amazing game to watch if the argos had to put prefontaine in at qb.


Imagine that. Three Heisman trophy winners on one team.

I’d have Flutie backing up Wynn and make Crouch number 3. He has no CFL experience.

What kind of money would the Argos be willing to pay Flutie? Good thing the SMS doesn’t get enforced until next year.(when Ricky is gone)

I don't think Flutie will come out of retirement as I don't think he has the desire to be a backup anymore which in my opinion is why he retired from the NFL. As for my comment about Matt Dunigan I was joking. The Argos don't need another older QB. Not sure of who maybe to think of. Has anyone heard where Patrick Josten went too after being cut by us

Y'know...Condredge Holloway might be available ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Trade Eakin for a DB :slight_smile:

EAKIN??? I love Maas...but If we need him... Eakin is the man!

Eakin for Ivory, Steinauer, and Miles. :o

The Argos are bringing in AFL QB Tony Graziani (Angelo should like him) 6'03 210 out of Oregon U...completed 328 of 555 passes this year for 90 TD's while playing with the Philadelphia Soul.

Ignore the last 2 posters....trolls.

ron - you of all people should know that I am a big fan of Kevin Eakin. the "yikes" emoticon following my post should give ample warning that my post was made with an extremely high level of sarcasm. I'd NEVER want to trade Eakin (unless Katz and co. can swing the deal of the century...).

Wynn looked like a back up last night after all the pressure the Bombers put on him. My guess is that Argos will have a new QB in hogtown soon. Got to hold on to Eakin in case Maas gets hurt

I agree wholeheartedly.