***Argos looking at younger Vick

I can not see a team taking a chance or blowing a pick on Marcus Vick. If they do pick him it is more likely he will be picked in a late round (7th round) or be a free agent signing. Your right, he will probably be a Def. back or receiver, not a QB.

As for the ACC conference. I do view that conference as Over Rated. I took the opportunity to look up the non conference schedules of the teams you listed. Of all the teams only two, Clemson and Maryland , had what I would consider a difficult schedule top to bottom. When your best teams play THE CITADEL, ARMY, BALL STATE, Ohio, W. Michigan, TEMPLE South Florida and Syracuse then you are padding your schedule so that you can have a winning record and be eligible for a New Years Day Bowl Game.. Once these teams stop playing the " sitting ducks" of college football then I will change my opinion but for now they all remind me of Kansas State and if they could they would schedul;e a couple of Division 2 schools to pad their schedule even more. Sorry if this offens you but I believe that the ACC needs to take their non conference schedule more seriously.
As for Penn State, yes they were also over rated. Everyone wanted Joe to have a good season and he did, just not as good as the pollsters would have us believe.

agree on the scheduling... nebraska has been guilty of this.

As schedules are set many years in advance, they are working on improving this. I know we play USC the upcoming two years.