***Argos looking at younger Vick

in what comes as a shock to noone, the argos might have a criminal join the team.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Toronto/2006/01/17/1398200-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 0-sun.html[/url]

Two high-profile U.S. college players may factor into the Argos future as possible backups to quarterback Damon Allen.

Eric Crouch, who was voted the 2001 Heisman Trophy winner as the outstanding U.S. collegiate player while at the University of Nebraska, and Marcus Vick, who has problems on and off the field with Virginia Tech, are both on the Argos' radar.

There is a good possibility the Argos will need a backup for Allen because Michael Bishop has signed with Chicago of the Arena League and may not be coming back for a fifth season with Toronto.

"Time will tell eventually," Argo player personnel director Greg Mohns said yesterday. "No decision has been made regarding Mike Bishop. If he doesn't come back, we'll explore other possibilities. Are we going to explore Eric Crouch? Yes we will. We're going to work the guy out."


Crouch, 27, has been on and off the Argos' negotiation list since 2000. He visited the team and the city two years ago and was considering signing last year but opted to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs and was allocated to NFL Europe as a safety prospect. He never played for the Chiefs.

He has had various stops in the NFL since the St. Louis Rams selected him in the third round of the 2002 draft and tried to convert him to a wideout. He quit because of an injury early in the season.

Vick, whose brother Michael is the quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, recently declared he is forsaking the remaining year of his college career to turn professional. Vick was kicked off his team for purposely stepping on an opposing player. He was charged a few days later in a separate incident with brandishing a firearm in an alleged altercation.

There's speculation the NFL may not select Vick because of his troubled past, but some team may consider signing him as a free agent to reduce the financial risk. If there's no interest in Vick from NFL teams, Toronto could be a real possibility.

Way too much baggage and more so then what Argos have taken in the past for players in similar trouble. As for Crouch, he has finally awaken and if he shows well, then maybe loosing Bishop will not be crucial. I would still like to keep Bishop because in my mind he has tremendous up side and can be a starting QB. Plus, he is still under 30. Usually your better QB’s do not mature until this age.

Well if the Argos want Vick they will have to go through the Bombers to get him. I believe he is on their neg list.

Well, hope it works out for them (or Winnipeg for that matter, but I really think KJ is the man for the Peg again) and Allen stays as a starter and retries when Vick jr. or Crouch are ready, if their plan is to make either one of them the starter when Allen retries.

Now, let me understand this, on a previous post I read a lot of messages about the Canadian Government needing to get tougher on criminals. Now I read how we should allow Mr. Vick into Canada because he can play football and he may play for "my team" so it is okay for him to come to Canada - only because he can play football and he may help the Argo's or Bombers or whoever, SAY WHAT! Doesn't Canada have enough of their own problems? Now you want some of America's? If you take Vick coulds I interest you in a number of Sex Offenders, I think they would be great in the locker room.

Yeah, after reading the article Dgod provided, this Vick guy seems like bad news. But I can't imagine the crime being as bad as it is in America. (Gun murders, Canada: about 169 a year, US: 11,000+ a year).

It’s basically like how that Toronto MP didn’t want to let 50 cent come into canada because he promotes gun violence. Do some people actually look up to guys like him or marcus vick? I sure don’t.

…scary thought, but I’ve personally taught youths (albeit of questionable character) who have completely looked up to people like 50 cent…the fact that eighteen year attempt to emulate persons like that makes me shudder…

I wouldn't think anyone would want Ron Mexico Jr. living in the same town they do. Imagine it was your 14 year old daughter he was trying to get drunk or your car he hit while driving high on pot.

...would a rehabilitation programme help Mr. Vick....he's definitely got potential as an athlete....but an asset to the CFL.....at this point in time ....I don't think so......glad he's on the Argos neg. list and not on ours....could be too much temptation for Mr. Taman... :roll:

my openions of the overrated thug Vick have been spelled out in another thread.....

as for crouch, here is my Husker take on Eric.

My wife went to high school with him, and knew him rather well. THinks the world of him.

He's vilified by the press nationally and especially in Nebraska as being a crybaby sissy for refusing to play unless he gets his way (QB) in the NFL.

I look at it this way. He has stated that playing QB is the only possition that he enjoys playing. He has also stated that he plays because he loves the game. For him to refuse several hundred thousand dollars annually (if not more) to play for the money (not the love), shows incredible integrety on his part! How many of you would simply take the money. He's showing that money is not what drives him.

Family is HUGE for him. He came from a broken houshold, and is refusing to do anything that would threaten his new family (wife and kids), not wanting history to repeat itself. I don't see how people can fault him for putting family, and his convictions (love above money) infront of the desire for OTHER people to see him play professional football.

THat said, if he decides to play up north, and this is OK with his family, I wish him all the best of luck. If he decides he doesn't want to move that far away, I respect his decision.

Too many people (especially in Nebraska) think that he "owes it too us" (nebraskans) to make it in the NFL.... I simply don't agree.

I agree husker, he owes it to himself and to those that he cares for which I'm sure is his family. Maybe since he has been vocal about his wishes, the NFL will blackball him and they just want yes people on the rosters, I don't know. I don't much about him but hopefully if he doesn't get a chance in the States at qb that he will have an opportunity here if he wants it.

back after he graduated with the heisman, and I think it was Green Bay made it clear that he wouldn't play QB.

I think it was Toronto that offered him a try out. I think he turned it down flat out, as it was too far from his family. Maybe that has changed now that his kids are older, and he's more established. Family is #1 in his book Full stop!

Eric Couch would be ideal for the CFL. He would have the appeal of Doug flutie when it comes to marketing. His style is made for the league as he is a great runner, probably the best running QB the CFL has ever seen. But his arm strength is not as good as Fluties but I still think he would be a star.

All right here is my take.

First off please don't compare him to Flutie, Flutie can throw, and Crouch couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. He is a college qb that was victimized by the Cornhuskers old system. He will be useless in Canada unless he wants to run the option offense up in Canada, and that will not work. i can see the Al's putting there quick end in the game and stuffing this offense.

Secondly, Vick would be a good catch for any team if they can straighten him out. I still think he going to play in the NFL some owner cannot pass up that much talent in the later rounds. Prediction: Al Davis Raiders 1st choice, Atlanta Falcons, Arizona Cardinals, maybe the Dolphins. HEY Nick Saban wants T.O. if he going to take that why not Vick too. Call it the double trouble offense.

Thirdly, you Torontonians have been making headlines down here for your crime. I thought that was only stuff us Americans can do!

Peter6625, I never said Couch had the arm strength but I do believe he is a better runner then Flutie. When it comes to Vick he is “OVER RATER” !, say it with me “OVER RATED”! one more tieme OVER RATED"! He was a over rated QB on a over rated team playing in a Over rated Conference. If his brother was’t such a star we would n’t be having this conversation. You know it, I know it.

my point exactly.

Change his last name, and put him on a team in one of the big 4 confrences (BigX, BigXII, Pac X, SEC), and he'd be one of those guys that played a back up role for 2 years before switching do defensive back to get some playing time for his last two years. Then he'd drop out of existance, and end up in prison several years later, with it only garnering page 4 of the local sports section news, and this only in the state that he went to college in.....

I agree Crouch can run a lot faster than Flutie. But man i took offense to the overated conference. If your talking about the Big East i agree overated, but not the ACC. The conference had the most bowl eligible teams.
Miami, Virginia Tech, NC State, Boston College, Clemson, Florida State, Virginia, and Maryland barely missed being eligible. That conference is the most competitve in the country. The only weak team is Duke. A bad Florida State team took Penn State to o.t. I honestly don't see a team running the table and making it to a national championship game, with the exception of next years Florida State team. Don't forget where you heard it first. Florida State takes it next season. Hopefully my BC Eagles will beat them in
Florida, but i don't see that happening.

Peter... you are correct there... I stand corrected... I tend to get those two confrences mixed up. There has been a lot of movement the last 5-10 years of teams in that region from one confrence to another... I got them confused.

Still don't rate the kid.

On Marcus Vick i've noticed he did get better over the years relied less on his legs, which Mike still hasn't learn. Look at QB's Elway, Young, and even Randall Cunningham the ran just enough to have the defense respect there ability. Marcus Vick could be in that category, BUT he is a absolute idiot, and needs to grow up fast. He could be the next great qb, but he also could be the next Lawrence Phillips.

I hate to say it, but if I'm a gm and need someone to fill the seats i would take a shot at him, no pun intended. He just has so much athletic ability, you could put him at receiver, special teams, line him up in the slot. Imagine a system in Atlanta with both of them on the field. Alternating snaps, motioning every play. This would give defenses nightmares. How can you stop that much talent. You would have to put 6 maybe 7 db's. I still wouldn't touch him till the late 5th round.