Argos looking at moving to BMO Field

Seems the Argos are looking at moving to BMO field again. Makes sense to be in a 25,000 seat stadium with great atmoshpere.

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Ya think? A team averaging over 30k moving to a smaller facility? Stupid if you ask me.

They'd need to add about 15,000 seats to the place and there's an awful lot of endzone seats there...that are right low on the field.

I think the place would need a pretty major overhaul to accomodate CFL football - and be an improvement over the Dome.

I think they brought up BMO as a bargaining chip with the Rogers Center. They've acknowledged that BMO is not football ready and would need work (e.g. expanded seating capacity, perhaps a roof, etc).

I don't think they're moving. After all, apart from what it would cost to upgrade BMO, they did invest a few bucks to improve the atmosphere at the Rogers Centre for football.

An Argo-Cat fan

25,000 noisy fans in a cozy stadium, is preferable to 35,000 in the cavernous Rogers Centre. Besides there are a lot of cheap tickets and giveaways at Argo games.

If you play in a 25,000 seat stadium you can brag that you sell out every game. Raise the price of tickets and pay a smaller rent and you can generate as much revenue as playing in the Dome. Better atmoshpere for the fans and the players.

I sure like those Grey Cups in the Dome...

A cold, rain-soaked Grey Cup game in November 1982, held at the outdoor Exhibition Stadium, spurred the process of looking for a new stadium. The game was tormented by cold weather and rains, the washrooms overflowed, and spectators were exposed to the harsh weather. In attendance was Ontario Premier Bill Davis, and the misery of that day was seen by over 7,862,000 television viewers in Canada (at the time the largest TV audience ever in Canada [1]). The following day, at a rally at Toronto City Hall, tens of thousands of people who were there to see the Grey Cup winners began to chant, “We want a dome! We want a dome!” So too did others who began to discuss the possibility of an all-purpose, all-weather stadium. Seven months later, in June 1983, Premier Davis formally announced that a three-person committee would look into the feasibility of building a domed stadium at Exhibition Place (as a point of interest, the 1983 Grey Cup Game was played at the newly-opened BC Place domed stadium in Vancouver).

Who says that the Grey Cup game is to be played at BMO Field? You can play the Grey Cup at Roger's Centre. I am sure it will still be standing there.


Just like Montreal moves their playoff games to the big O.

That's true. I was just pointing out how things have gone full circle.

I heard David Cynamon one of the Argo owners on the FAN590 this morning. He said that they were approached by BMO and not the other way around. He said they were sort of obligated to listen to the proposal from BMO but that they were happy where they were.

It looks like BMO is out looking for tenants.

A piece in the Toronto Star this morning mentioned that the two Argo owners had been approached by Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment to see if they'd be interested in selling. They weren't but it's interesting that MLSE saw the Argos as a good investment. I think it's good for the league when your franchises are in demand.

An Argo-Cat fan

I loved the 04 Grey Cup in Ottawa - OUTSIDE, ideal temp 8C. It’s just too bad that these days they have to start the games at 6:20 rather than the warmest part of the day when the sun is still up.

Just hope Ottawa can host again.

maybe the argos should spend their own money and build their own stadium, and stop piggybacking on other sports teams and universities begging to play in their stadium.

It would be nice if CFL teams had the money to spend on new stadiums and make it profitable.

But even in the States, most NFL teams are getting tax dollars to build their new barns.

Check this picture of BMO field.

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My first reaction was that it looks like IWS, only cheaper.

Those thousands of people were in the wrong place.
Unless the Eskimos had a rally at toronto city hall.

clearly no idea what your talkin about.
firstly, BMO is 20,500 seats, NOT 25,000.

rent at BMO field would be MORE than what the argos pay at rogers center.

and, if your trying to GROW your fan base, why cut 10,000 out of the loop?

lots of cheap tickets and givaways at argo games?..thats a true statement for ticats, raptors and jays…i went to labourday for FREE ( a giveaway ) and i have 4 FREE tickets to the jays game saturday ( another giveaway ).

the fact is, the argos have about 28,000 paying fans every game, so why turn 8,000 of them away, and have no hope of ever growing your attendance to 40,000?

If BMO thought the Argos potential clients, why wouldn't they make the field CFL compatible when they planned it?

How about playing a pre-season game there? Just to get a feel for the place. They'd probably be playing Hamilton anyway so in theory you could sell the place out and then you could see what the fan reaction to the place was. I know that BMO field is rocking for the soccer games they have in there, so why not test it out for football.

As a side note, I think whoever built the place blew it when they didn't make it a bigger stadium. It should have been built at around 30,000-35,000 seats and then it would have been perfect for the Argos to move there as well as host the soccer games.

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The CFL club is reportedly in the second year of a sweetheart 15-year lease agreement where they pay little to no rent but contains clauses that allows them the option of opting out.

The Argos would have to pay rent at BMO Field that could be as high as $1 million annually.

the Argos would require additional seats, given their average attendance this year is 31,000 per game.

Montreal is happy to play in front of 20,000 fans a game - everyone talks about what a huge success it is - sell outs every game. Don’t play in the cavernous dome where anyone can get a cheap ticket.

Expand BMO field to 25,000, charge top dollar and make an Argo ticket the thing to have. Put people on a waiting list for season tickets, similar to the Leafs.

With the loss of the ARgos from the Dome, Toronto could then try to get an NFL franchise.

This is the latest on the situation:

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The Argos should stay at the Rogers Centre,
if for no other reason then to help muddy Rogers NFL plans.