Argos look like Cats

Funny but when you take away the Argos two top receivers and starting QB they look the same as Hamilton. It should be clear to all involved in Hamilton we desperately need some consistency from the QB position and some productive CFL receivers. Back to work Marcel!

We don't know what we have at QB and the recievers aren't being given a chance to succeed due to poor play on the part of the QB. Lets see what the other 2 guys have before we write off the recieving corps. We've done that once already without changing the QB

Look Like Cats? Dont think so, the Argos played awful yesterday in Calgary. Ticats/Argos are definitly two teams going in the opposite direction. I love it!

The cats will win the next 5 in a row

Productive CFL Receivers? Brock Ralph is top 5 in the league in yardage and Gardner is tied for 11th. Niether Miles or Bruce has been that productive this year. I fact Miles only has 8 catches????
Our receivers are fine.
Although I would like to move T. Anderson to SB and activate McCants at WR. Curry is a non factor right now.

Big difference from being called the next Earl Winfield in week 1

The Argos DID NOT look like the Cats. They looked worse!!! It's been a long time since I've seen an Argo team run up the white flag like that. No fight in 'em at all. They only scored a meaningful 3 points. That last minute TD was nothing. Man that was hard to watch.

However, it does point up the fact that the East is weak this season and even a poor record will get someone into the playoffs. How long long can Taafe lose with Maas before he runs out of time?

An Argo-Cat fan