argos logo

so wuts the deal with the new logo… i no its the A but i thought they were switching it to the old classic football on boat n sails look?

So did I…I think that they are finally just go with an …A :cry:

o wel the a’s alrite n the boat wouldnt rlly look good on the jerseys n e way

also… they wore blue jerseys n blue pants on the weekend… they gunna b using that throughout the season for home game?

TRUE, but they still sell great things with the boat logo on them, any way…I have some…

they have great hats , sweat shirts with emblazened …BOAT crests on them…ect… :smiley:

ye… i juss dun no y theyd back out of the idea, its by far the most popular logo(boat) theve ever set filed wit

The new jerseys are weird too. Stick with the good stuff! That navy blue and the big block numbers and the A on the shield. It was great, and it won them Grey Cups!

At least it’s not same lame cat…

At least the A on the shield is better than the plain A of a few years ago. But I do prefer the boat. I liked the logo they just changed too.

I love the new uniforms…no green…

And the look allot better on T.V…the pics do not do them justice.

I like the new uniforms. I liked last year’s too without the logo on the soulder pads.

Last Years Logo Was A Lot Better, This One Is Way Too Plain. Last Year All The Teams In The East Had Kinda Cartoony Logos And It Looked A Lot Better, It Was Much More Modern.

They do sell stuff with the BOAT LOGO and other crest from the pasted…the new one is easier to re produce.