Argos Logo Project... how 'bout Alouettes too?


The Argos are going to fool around with their logo... again:

I'm torn between the current logo and the 1990s big "A" logo, so I made a hybrid:

And while I was at it, i figured the cartoony Alouette was in need of a makeover, so I merged old and the new for Montreal as well. Any thoughts?

Both are ugly IMHO. Just saying,

No offense though, I couldn't do any better. How about a stallion at full gallop that would be awesome. Oops sorry already taken :lol:

What about a cantering red stallion on a black helmet...

Ottawa Stampeders!

Or would that be Stamp Eders?

I like them dmont. :thup:

the argos current logo is thier best one ever.
they really should keep it.

I like the light blue Argos one

this one I preferred,

I really hope they keep their current one. But maybe use the early 1980's as a secondary logo.

I think so too. Have the 70's "A" and 80's ship as alternate uniforms/retro.

If they think we need black face masks, then so be it, otherwise, just leave well enough alone and switch them up from time to time.


have a lemon as the logo.

or maybe a half empty stadium?


nah, im only kidding.