Argos live off Boyd and Owens

Boyd and Owens are the main reasons why the Argos look like a new team this year. Their D has always been solid but their O has struggled the last few years. Our front seven have to dominate on Labour, pressure Lemon, keep him in the pocket, and swarm Boyd when he gets the ball. Also, special teams have to have the game of their lives and contain Owens. It's going to be WW111. Cats need to make a statement on Mon. if they want to content for first place. :cowboy:

My main concern is will the team be rusty after such a long lay-off. At times these bye weeks can take the drive or momentum out of a team.

I would be worried if we were playing a team that didn't have that same lay-off. But T.O. had that very same lay-off and I expect MB to have em' ready to go on Labour Day.

I think one of the other guys the D needs to take notice of is Andre Durie. He had a very good game against the Cats on the 20th, and he's turning into a very good SB.

I think it's a little more than Boyd and Owens, their D seemed to shut us down pretty good. We only scored One TD and if not for our D coming up with the late turnover we wouldn't have pulled the game out.
So it's more than stopping Boyd and Owens we have to deal with their Defence and figure out how to move the ball against them.

Boyd impressed me quite a lot last game, and I think he contrasts the styles between him and Cobb. Boyd hits a whole and full speed, weather or not it is there and punches through. Cobb heads towards the hole, inspects it and if it fails goes around. Obviously Boyd hits a lot harder then Cobb but he certainly did a great job. Anyone who can give Jamal Johnson difficulty on head on tackles is worth respect.

Lemon however did not, as he seems unable to step back up into the pocket which is fine with me.

You have to swarm tackle Boyd. The guy breaks tackles consistantly. If you can limit his effectiveness, you can hold their offence down. Also, Owens is a game breaker. Our special teams will need to contain him every time he touches the ball as he gets up the field quickly...and..oh yah..we need Shivers to have a big game. :cowboy: