Argos/Lions match up this Monday!

So guys, what do you all think? A blow-out? A close one? A loss for the Lions? Ricky Ray and Owens are a formidable combo. And Ray for some reason has a lot of success when he has to run with the ball against the Lions. I remember one game where Ray alone ran for about 150+ yards in total. The Argos are not the Argos of 2011. They are much improved. However given the way the Lions took the Stampeders apart last week I'm putting my money on our Lions. Will Mitchell be playing? I hope so. I'm counting on him sacking Ray at least once. I want to see some interceptions for the Lions as well. A key to Monday's game will be to shut down Owens. This guy can single handedly destroy the opposition but so can the Lions' Andrew Harris! Should be a great game! The Lions are playing for top spot in the west.

Teams that win big usually win the next game. For years, BC normally plays well against Toronto. Toronto is lucky to be 3-2, but BC is unlucky to be 3-2. On paper, BC has better offense and defense.

All looking good so far.