Argos/Lions game thread?

Unless i'm blind, this will have to be it.
To Start it off, why is there golf on my TV rigth now?
I know the argos suck, but that's taking it a little too far :smiley:

The only think that puts me to sleep faster than watching the Argo's offense is Golf! Now... did Tiger Woods fart again?

Wow.. 6 minutes gone in FOOTBALL that TSN signed up for.. for GOLF.. wtf is that crap.. I wanna watch the blue team get treated like a red headed step child!

OK, we're on.
That field goal sucked.
I think BC will light it up tonight.

uhoh.. looks like the wrong BC Lions showed up tonight!

Making a grown man wear powder blue... is just plain wrong.... unless you're an

Lions are toying with 'em (I hope).

6-0 blue team after FG after two-and-out after Pierce threw one directly into Moreno's hands.

I just turned the game on after BC drive was getting somewhere, before that pick.

Uh oh.. Rod Black has a woodie.....

Rod Black
"Look at this leg, MAN can this guy kick"
it was 46 yards Black.. he BETTER make that kick in a dome or retire!!

Yeah, he tends to be easily excited.

J. Jackson in at QB as Pierce took nasty shot as he threw pick, but Lions have good field position after good return.

I see Pickett is 4/10 so far here: ... board.html

I would not be surprised if his completion percentage continues to be low.

Well Pierce is done.. looks like it's up to JJ to kick ass!

I have more faith in JJ anyway.

Pierce likely done for the night. Blew team goes 2 and out again. They got points this time, still have gone without a TD for long time.

And did anyone else laugh at how there appears to be part of a baseball diamond on the turf there?

Black didn't get so hard on THAT kick.. hmm

Maybe Pickett can steal third!

Hold on to it boys. sheesh.

WOW... here we go again.. special teams not so special... that was close

The fumble looked like it would be recovered by blew team for a moment, BC looking sloppy so far. There is such a thing as taking blew team too lightly. Or maybe the Lions looked at the turf and thought there was a baseball game going on and its not gametime yet. :slight_smile:

lol maybe eh BYF

What the hell does that FNF stand for in the TSN ticker on the bottom of the screen??

Probably "Friday Night Football."

But don't ask me what the point of that is, if so.