Argos @ Lions game thread/predictions

Logic tells me that BC shouldn't skip a beat with Pierce at the helm. He's a solid QB and I've read that he's had two solid week of practice. He needs to get Simon involved early, me thinks. Argos...are they really that bad? Probably...but Dorsey's back and if he gives Pickett a shorter field to work with, I think we're in for a pretty good game. High scoring too...

Hmmm...BC 36 Argos 28 8)

I think it will be a low scoring game with the Argos edging it out. It will be indoors, so expect Medlock to be booming any field goal once the Argos cross mid-field. Turnovers will probably be the key in this game. I would guess Argos 21-19 with only one offensive TD aside...

BTW 200th post, and it had to be about the Argos.... :oops:

If BC shows up and Buck lasts....BC will take it

It sure lookin' ugly early.........might be tuning out quickly.


this game is so dull.

the B.C. Announcer is dull.. Rod Black is Dull.. the whole game is dull...


Yeah, we've been carving Black and Forde so much lately, that I'm hangin' on every word...only to pick out the bone-head commentary. :lol:

Wow, ballsy gamble...nice to see Andrus showing confidence in the O-line...

Ya it's shaping up to be as boring as the rider-bomber game last week....snoooooser

Lots of blue in the stands = The Canucks are back.

That was an interesting goal line gamble. Being down only four, I'm not so sure I would've gone for it. I probably would've kicked the FG. But it paid off for the Argos. We have ourselves a game. :smiley:

I was watching Texas Tech v. Texas, so I missed the first half...but the second half is a pretty good one. C'mon Aaarrrrgoooos! 8)

Now, the real fight is with my eye lids.... :cowboy:

That’s funny. So was I. What team were you going for? I was cheering for the Longhorns. :smiley:

Nice return by DD.

Another blatant holding call on the return that the referees giftwrap the Lions … only 65 yards worth of field position in the 4th quarter.

I think all 7 teams should file an appeal to the league. Wally is paying the referees too much.

Cripes. Is someone smearing glue on the ball? Why the hell does Pickett keep hanging onto the ball for 30 seconds?

Congrats to Wally as the all time leading coach for most wins!

Congrats Wally... Thanks Lions, the gap widens for 2nd in the East!

Congrats Wally. You're the Best!!

Oh and thanks Argo's for covering the spread.

Congrats Wally and thanks for doing it agains't the Argos, haha. :cowboy:

too bad the game was a snore.

No one in particular...just a good ball 'bout that ball park? Geez, 100, impressive.

Argos...another close some point you gotta put Joseph in, no?