Argos @ Lions 10/06/18

Well into the 2nd and no thread for this game.

Midway of the period and it’s 14 -3 Leos. Argo penalty flags are flying today. Even out flagging BC :o Kind of refreshing…

…Jennings, a lot of overthrowing ???

Argo TD closes the gap. 5 left to go in the half…

Fella’s, getting dang lonely in here :’(

I was looking for a game thread earlier - nice to see one started here even if there’s not too much interaction. ???

Rooting for your leos tonight - you’re no longer the opposition so I can do that! :smiley: Definitely looking for you to put our QEW rivals out of their playoff quest misery!

BC starting to take their share of dumb penalties but the defense is looking good! Coleman with his second interception tonight! Not usually the play of a DL man. You got a good one there!

Cats of any sort must root for each other ;D 17 - 10 at the moment W/ seconds to in the half. This game could get good. ??

You now have company! Everyone else must be off getting ready for turkey!

You’re right - I don’t mind rooting for your cats when they’re not playing my cats!
Hope your D keeps playing well - I put them on my fantasy team. That last interception just gave you three more points.

Turkey’s tomorrow I thought. lol

To the half with a 10 pnt lead. Will have to do…

“”“what is unnecessary roughness?”"" Weird call on that hit

Matt Dunigan - “the game is going soft” well something to that effect he just said. Agree. What is an illegal hit? And Milt is right, they’ll start going more to the knees and that is just not good.

The CFL and the refs need to figure this out. Because right now, no one knows.

Turkey tomorrow for us too - long weekend - often people are away. Around here it’s time to close up cottages for those who have them.

Agree with you on the UR call. Flag was only thrown after Green was down for a bit. Looked like a clean hit to me - maybe a bit hard, but certainly legal. Appeared to be a knee jerk reaction to a player being hurt.

I remember seeing Burks tearing up the field in the preseason game the Argos played against the Ticats (they won that one but it’s the only victory they’ll have over my cats this year). I guess he’s been languishing on the PR all season waiting for his opportunity.

Can’t believe three pick Thompson is still in there. 5.5 games with the same result. Try something and someone different Trestman.

Argos offense seems to have found a bit of life here with Cross (good Mac grad - too bad he plays for our rivals) and Burks. BC D needs to step up if they don’t want to squander too much of their lead.

I could get use to these interceptions. BC ball again

Ty Long thinks rather high of himself. This from a guy who misses a lot of 28 or so yard FG attempts.

It’s obvious after 3 quarters we are not going to win this game, no idea why Trestman is so stubborn to make a QB change?

Yup just keep picking them off their BC D - and limit their yards too! I need some fantasy points from this game and Burnham sure hasn’t seen the ball too much lately.

Knew Wally wouldn’t win that challenge unless the CC had some angles not shown on TV - no conclusive evidence that his face mask was grabbed. Looked a bit like clutching at straws and now the challenge is gone if they need it for another play.

Agreed, that challenge was a waste. Jennings with a 33yrd run… FG for 23.