Argos launch Podcasts

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The Toronto Argonauts are aiming to speak to young fans through their iPods.

The CFL franchise plans to become the first Toronto team to feature podcasts on its website. A launch date has not been finalized, but the team hopes to get things up and running next week.

“The whole focus is giving fans things they can’t get in other forms of media,” said Argos spokesperson Beth Waldman. “We have tried to be community focused and accessible and this takes accessibility to a whole new level.”

The website will include five podcasts. One will feature items such as running back John Avery doing his stand-up comedy routine or Desiree Allen describing what it’s like to watch husband Damon take all those hits. Another will focus on the game-day experience, with everything from strategy discussions to dressing room sounds.

In addition, there will be radio announcer Jaime Stein’s columns and regular features on fitness and Argo alumni.

“Jaime Stein went to an alumni meeting and none of them had even heard of an iPod, but they were excited to do whatever they could to be part of this,” Waldman said.

The free content will be changed weekly during the season and biweekly the rest of the year. “We’re looking at this is a loss leader,” Waldman said. "What we’d like to do is take these subscribers, who will probably be young, and turn them into season ticket holders down the road.

“For now, it’s getting people involved and get them to know the team and the players.”

First Toronto franchise with podcasts? that is suprising, as the NHL Oilers have already had both audio and video podcasts for a little while now.

Hope Winnipeg and the other clubs get some soon, and get a contact going with Build a Bear to have them make CFL products.

........Build a Bear........?!.........(sigh).........

yeah, why not? helps the little ones get into the CFL more and the other leagues (which already have their stuff made by them) less.

the KK train of insanitly countines!!! :lol:

.....the KK train of insanity appears to have no station at which to just keeps going....

HAve you ever wondered if maybe Kanga was actually sane, and that we were all crazy??

I haven’t because its impossible but just curious if anyone has.

Also if you have, you probably are sitting on that train, ringing the bell to stop the damn thing. Good luck with that

it has a station at wich to arrive, the problem it's an infinite distance away

i have an iPod nano....does anyone esle have an iPod?

if so, what is the point to podcasting?...i really dont get it....why not just make this stuff available online, so all can see / hear it?...or can u do that?

I am not exactly sure as I don't have an ipod, But I think all a podcast is, is a big mp3 that you can download and listen on your ipod. I might be completely wrong though

you are completely correct

but can u listen to it without an iPod..just listen to them on your computer. cuz i dont want to take songs off my iPod to listen to a podcast.

you can listen to them ony our computer

When film first came out, people flocked to see some mundane skits performed. It was just novel to see ANYTHING on a screen. I think the ipod podcasting craze is kind of the same thing.

and somebody had to say something about build a bear, might as well be me, and it's old news, I've said it once before.

Are you saying podcasts are eventually going to die out...the way motion pictures have? :smiley:

I think this is a great idea (though I neither own nor want an iPod myself) because young people are so addicted to them. If some of them are casually interested in the CFL and begin downloading these podcasts, I can see them growing up to be ticket buyers.

Way to go, Argos! (ew, I feel all dirty now)