Argos land Payton

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Pretty interesting. A good player. I think him and Joseph is a dangerous backfield for any defense.

Delighted he gets another shot. Class player & a class guy from all accounts. Been following him since his NFLE days

Interesting, I was impressed in the games I saw him play, a real gamer, tough. All the best to him other than agains’t my Cats.

Sounds like a great guy and he is right how the CFL is the best football around.

Here is the article, there are several though.

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In the Star today

"This is the best football in the world," said the 28-year-old son of late National Football League legend Walter Payton. "Even if I had an opportunity to go back to the NFL ... no money would bring me back to the NFL. I enjoy this game too much."

Exactly the publicity that the Argos and our league needs right now. Good job by Payton and the Argos staff for this one.

Now if only they would put together a decent product on the field rather than worry about publicity .....