Argos Labour Day Ticket Offer vs. Hamilton?

Argos Labour Day Ticket Offer vs. Hamilton?

As a valued Argonauts season ticket holder, we’d like to extend you a special offer to our game on Labour Day, Monday, September 3rd at 1pm in Hamilton.

These prices are only valid until August 20th at 5pm and will provide a seat in a designated area for our fans.
Silver level Reg. $63.50 Argos SSH Price $40
Gold level Reg. $83.50 Argos SSH Price $60

After August 20th at 5pm, prices will increase and won’t be guaranteed in our designated fan area:
Silver level Reg. $63.50 Argos SSH Price $46
Gold level Reg. $83.50 Argos SSH Price $64

To purchase online visit password: ARGOSSH

To purchase over phone, call Will Kay, Account Executive for the Tiger-Cats at 905-547-2287 x246

Both teams have been doing this for a couple years now.

They could do this as part of the season ticket package and really have it organized early it would attract much more fans. There is plenty of room at Rogers to place the entire season ticket holder group in a section on the hamilton team side upper level seating behind the Hamilton bench.
For the Argo season ticket holders the new stadium would be able to erect a temporary seating section most likely in the end zone area where the season ticket holders could sit together.
I would imagine that both teams have perhaps around 17-20 thousand season ticket holders imagine all of them at both games along with others purchasing tickets just for that game. You could legitametley have crowds of 40,000 plus easily. Maybe even more as it got to be more of a tradition. Adding that extra $40.000 onto the season ticket package would jsut mix right in with the season ticket price and not seem like anything extra.

You should email the Argos and Cats.

Only 500 Seats left !!!!!

If your thinking of going you better get them Saturday !!