Argos keying on Lumsden (Toronto Star)

This is a rather good piece. I like Coach Clemons' solution to stopping Lumsden...."stop in at a church and pray" :lol:

At any rate, Coach Clemons and Mike O'Shea made some interesting comments about Canadians taking over traditionally American positions.

here's today's Toronto Star article:

I'll be keying on Lumsden too. In a year or so, once hes groomed of course, an Argo paycheck he can't refuse will be waiting after he's had enough of Hamilton or the NFL camps.


I can tell your scared and so should be. Do you really think he will want to come back for another terrible season in Hamilton? Especially if another team offers more money?

Not everyone is as stupid as OShea

O'Hay watch that !

That above comment coming from the a lowly Argos sorta fan,the second last place team in the CFL!

With the second highest salary $$$$ in the CFL if not highest .....
oink! oink!

O'Shea stupid? How is signing with a team that is going to win back to back Grey Cups (96,97) and for more money, not smarter than resigning for considerbly less to a losing team? If someone offered you 20-30 thousand more a year would you take it? These guys are not millionaires, most make salaries less than us. We change jobs over a few dollars an hour and you dump on someone because he should be "loyal" to your team which in turn could cut, trade or release him at anytime. Most players carears average 4 years. They deserve to get as much as they can, while enjoying it and secure the best quality of life possible for THEIR families, not you.

If Jesse becomes a free agent and is offered thousands more than Hamilton is willing, he's going. Luckily for most Argo fans, it's usually T.O. that's offering. :slight_smile:

I hate to agree with Z however I would not O'Shea stupid. He is just a dirty player, unloyal and not a man of his word. But not stupid.

You might be right, time will tell. What Hamilton might have in its favour is that Jesse more or less grew up here, he went to University here, and our owner is, I'm sure, willing to match what Toronto can offer considering he is a marketer's dream. I'm sure Hamilton will do everything they can do to keep him here. It's more likely he'll go to the NFL than the Argos... but who knows.

Your right he could go anywhere. But one things for sure, it's going to be the place that makes the most financial sense. It's all great that he plays for the love of the game, but we must not kid ourselves. If the Cats can not substantialy match another offer, he's gone and who's fault is that? I just don't think it's fair when a player gets all the blame and I don't want to see Jesse become your next O'Shea. Wait a minute, as an Argo fan I guess I do :lol:

Lumsden will never play for the Argos....The Argos are a joke with a huge salary,and they still cant win....Thats where old NFL rejects go to play for lots of money and dont produce crap....

I do believe you are wrong. That is were they DO go to produce crap. :lol:

Sorry to post this but I don't think that over time Lumsden will be that great player that alot people think he will be at best I feel he is average.

I believe that Lumsden will be heard from for a longtime and that opposing teams will form their Defenses around stopping him. I also believe that he will go wherever the bucks are when it's contract time. He is like most players in Pro sports and that is that they have no alligence to any team and the teams have no alligence towards them.

Well said Steve but I still feel he is only average enjoy the game today

Lumsden will never be the star player he could be if the Cats keep using him as a decoy. Good players get the ball often. Cats hardly use this guy.

On the downside, it sure would be nice if Lumsden could run over a few tackles when we were inside the 10 yard line. Our effectiveness would be improved in the red zone. So far though, he has not proven effective in that area.