Argo's Jim Barker for Coach of the Year????

In today's Toronto Sun, there is an article by Terry Koshan pushing for just that. I don't know how to transfer the column to this site. Maybe someone could do that for me?
It makes for fascinating reading, but only if you divorce yourself from all sense of reality.

It must be getting difficult for Toronto to find legitimate subjects to get excited about.

Really? Coach of the Year? Just how difficult is to keep saying "Give it to Boyd"?

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Jim Barker, no matter what happens in the Argos’ final two games of the regular season — both against the Montreal Alouettes — has to get serious consideration for Canadian Football League coach of the year. The worst the Argos can do is finish 8-10, and who figured they would get into the playoffs let alone win more than a handful of games? Sure, the .500 record has been accomplished through unorthodox means, with the offence has struggling all year. Barker didn’t inherit just a team that won three games last 2009, but also one that was rife with veterans who were questioning their own football sanity, and he got those returning vets to believe in themselves again. If not Barker, then who? The Alouettes and Calgary Stampeders are where they should be in the standings, while the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Hamilton Tiger-Cats have underachieved to an extent. Which other CFL coach has got more out of his players?
I can't believe this guy got paid to write this.

I think he deserves consideration IMHO. If there is one thing I was absolutely certain of this year was that the Argos would not make the playoffs. And they've made it and the season isn't even finished yet.

I think that is more because WPG sucks so badly and less because Barker is a great coach

I'm sure Barker will be one of the nominees. A big turnaround always gets you on the short list.

Another will be the Grey Cup winner, who generally wins the award even though it's supposed to be for regular season performance.

I think a good case can be made for Bellefeuille this year. As the Sun article points out, Hamilton has "underachieved" (though it will be hard to say that if we finish 11-7). But we held things together after a disappointing start, and built momentum towards the end of the season when it matters most. I think making it to the Eastern Final and performing well would be sufficient to give Marcel a real shot at the award. The next few weeks will be crucial to determining his chances.

There was a thread on this earlier. COTY always has three finalists, and it is almost always the two Grey Cup coaches and the coach whose team made the biggest improvement over the previous season. My belief (shared by some other posters but we could not prove it) is that the COTY candidates are not selected until after the GC which explains why the two coaches that got there invariably end up as finalists.

The only serious contenders are Barker, Trestman, Hufnagel and Bellefeuille. The Roughriders have to be seen as a major disappointment this season and the other three teams are scuffling along below most reasonable expectations.

Barker will definitely be one of the three finalists since most fans and media expected the Argos to win three or four games at most. Will he win? For sure if the Argos somehow end up winning the GC, very good chance if the Argos end up losing the GC game, much less likely but still possible if the Argos don't get to the GC game.

Jock Climie also picks Barker.

Here are the TSN panel's picks for al lthe awards.

Dunigan picks Stala for outstanding Canadian, and Schultz picks Hage for outstanding lineman.

I can't believe not one of those clowns picked Markeith. He has to be the most overlooked player in the CFL.

He still has managed 8 wins with an embarrassingly bad QB. I’d definitely be open to giving him the nod. He deserves some kudos for allowing some mind-blowing trick plays to take place from his special teams.

The majority of those wins came before Labour Day.

Everyone knows that conceivably the season doesn't start until after Labour Day.

Two sayings come to mind;

It's not how you start, it's how you finish


What have you done for me lately.

To consider Barker for COTY honours is completely bogus.

p.s. Jock Climie is an arrogant pantload.

So your three finalists would be . . .

Clime is the most unprofessional and bias sports tv personality I have ever seen. He brings all his petty thinking from his pro days into his tv career. How are his bosses at TSN not seeing this?

Dave, Chris and Matt are all pros and Clime is just a punk. He should only wear his Als fan badge on his own time.

And he despises the Tiger Cats ... seldom praises anything they do ... I truly believe we musn't have granted him a tryout or something in the twilight of his very average career.

Anyone listen to the fan590 and hear those ridiculous 'coach speaks' argo ads?? Those are reason alone he shouldnt win.

Barker should be nominated for "luckiest coach of the year"!

Argo’s suck and so does Barker!

Pretty much not any more.

Nope - those are the reasons alone he SHOULD win. I think they are rather funny....

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I love to see Milt in Place of Clime and Clime stick to being a Lawyer