Argos Issues from TSN article

I thought this was a good article explaining the Argos issues from inside the locker room.

Well, there you go.
The uncertain status of the team is affecting their ability to recruit or retain players, and the players who ARE there are not happy.
No marketing department.

I don't see this team lasting past 2015 in its current situation.

Time to look for another CFL team to support. :expressionless:
(I've already eliminated the Roughriders and Tiger-cats, so please don't pitch me on those teams. :wink: )

Your team will be there likely being run on a shoestring budget by either Braley or the CFL.

I'm not sure that would be better than letting them fold. Folding might, (MIGHT!) wake up Torontonians to the fact that they should appreciate what they had and spur action to revive the Argonauts quickly and in a stable situation.

(Just to be clear, I don't really want the Argonauts to fold, but I do want this untenable situation to change.)

Unfortunately, Toronto is not a sports town ! It's a Schizophrenic City, way too much going on :expressionless:

Unfortunately, Toronto is not a sports town ! It's a Schizophrenic City, way too much going on :expressionless:

Now it's to the point as has been already where this is affecting the on field prodcut which is adding to this misery

As I mentioned earlier, I wish the lease was up after this season as opposed to 2017. There will be allot more urgency to fix this.

Right now it seems like people are waiting around for either Braley to lower his price or government money to flow through to bridge the BMO gap. With the the potentially dragging out for another 3 1/2 years this could be a Coyotes like opera....absent a city footing the bill.

Another article from TSN, yup TSN owned by Bell.

Argos are going down the tubes quickly, perhaps. Something is up, er down, whatever way one wants to look at the sinking ship Argonaut. :wink:

Hey, maybe I'll be able to buy the Argos for $1.00 if they don't have a specific football type intimate stadium to play in soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

For those keeping score, that's 3 articles on the subject today alone and 1 other yesterday ( 2 by TSN and 1 by WFP, with 1 yahoo sports yesterday) .
Perhaps MLSE is using their media connections to force Braley to wake up and sell the team, or...Braley is just as bad as we've always thought and now the local sports media is having a frenzy.

They need an owner that's committed to the team and city. No offense to Braley, but he doesn't have the local commitment needed. He stepped in and saved the team, but now they need an owner focused just on the Argos.

The other thing they need is a place to play. BMO Field is no solution. Aside from the fact it's basically on the same spot they left to cheers from fans almost 25 years ago they would still be 2nd class citizens.

And last, screw the NFL fans. The NFL will NEVER come to Toronto as things are. Their stadium is too small and now is unavailable for football after 2017 and more importantly the city doesn't support football. If the city won't support a CFL team why would anyone thing the NFL would take a chance in that atmosphere?

you may be right about that as MLSE appears to be doing it's best to mimic Rogers mistreatment of the Argos at the RC...

Subsequent talks (with MLSE) about Braley entering a lease for the Argos to play at a re-fitted BMO Field broke down over which party would control specific revenue streams.
While the players say that trying to work around unpredictable locations and schedules without violating the 4 1/2 hour workday rule mandated in the league's collective bargaining agreement is tough, the CFL Players' Association told TSN that no complaints have been filed over excessive workdays or unfit working conditions.
I don't hear the Buffalo Bills complaining about their ownership situation and they have much more to complain about. Not only did the Bills founder and owner for 60-years pass away, the team will be auctioned off to the highest bidder...including a group which plans to relocate the team to a foreign country. OMG, talk about scary! The Bills also need a new stadium as their current one is not up to standards.

I doubt Argo players get paid for travel time to team practices, so their 4.5 hour CBA workday has nothing to do with where they practice. If that's what Argo players are thinking about, it's hard to believe they could ever compete and win a game (like I spent an extra 15 minutes gettin' to practice, I needs to be compensated, know what I'm sayin'?).

The Argo players shouldn't have to worry about signing free agents, many of them will be out of the league and flipping hamburgers by next season if they can't regain their focus. Perhaps the Argos should build a $100-million FieldHouse like the Esks so they could attract some free agents too? ...Boohoo :cry:


I always had a feeling Xvys and Invader were one in the same.

Well, I'll say this. MLSE isn't buying the Argos until the Bills deal falls through or they get the Bills and the NFL says "This team doesn't move until you can show the Argos sellout consistently, and you're a Football market."

lol, the NFL may never come then. :smiley:

Interesting. Naylor "THE INSIDER" got scooped by Madani and Scianetti. :lol:

Do the Bills own that substandard stadium? Do they have a practice facility? Are they primary tenant in their stadium? Yes to all, for the Argos it is no. That's like comparing homeowners with squatters.

You do realize those rules apply to all the teams and if the Argos go over the 4 1/2 hours they could be fielding complaints from teams that are following the rules. Had you read the ad and understood what is required of a practice facility you wouldn't have made such an uninformed flippant comment. The players need to informed of where they are practicing this time, equipment has to be moved both personal and practice equipment like blocking dummies, trainers tables and supplies have to be arranged and this has to be coordinated on short notice for a team that's walking through the doors of a training facility they have never been to before and have to orient themselves to where everything is. But I guess that doesn't take very long and who needs trainers and tape and first aid kits and blocking dummies and shoulder pads and helmets........

So just because a player is a free agent with the Argos he isn't wanted by any other team? :roll: That is the most moronic statement in your post. As for the field house are you going to pay for it? This is the team with a part time owner who trying to sell. You think he's going to sweeten the deal by throwing in a $100 million dollar training facility that isn't paid for?

Do you hate the Argos and are venting or are you seriously that out of touch with reality you believe what you posted makes sense on any level. :roll:

David Braley does not look like the compromising type.

Larry Tanenbaum is probably smiling to himself thinking the deal between BCE and Rogers is ready to come undone.

Problem is, with the new Rogers NHL TV deal, there’s no way either side would give up 0.1 % of MLSE knowing that they could give the other an advantage. I’d love to see Bell and Tanenbaum boot out Rogers, but that’s not going to happen.