Argos interview Barrett Friday Dec. 19 2008

Perry Lefko


We have a reticence Danny Barrett, now that Head coach
Turner Gill has signed an extension in his current deal with UB.

The Argos have a short list of other options

CFL co-ordinators, notably B.C.'s Mike Benevides

and some coaches with experience in NFL Europe,

the U.S. college ranks and the NFL.

Tennessee offensive assistant coach Bart Andrus is on the list,
along with onetime Kansas City Chiefs' head coach John Mackovic
and former Rutgers' head coach Doug Graber.

Rita has said a decision may not be made until Jan. 31,
which would suggest the team is eyeing possible NFL candidates,

[also, at that time any CFL assistant coaches
with expiring contracts are available then, too.

however most CFL most teams usually allow position coaches
out of their contracts to sign with other teams as a head coach.]

Barrett will not give up the stability of his present job to walk into the chaos of the Argo job.

Toronto's new coach will be Benevedes. Hope Mike has the phone numbers of a few QB's who are younger and better than Kerry Joseph.

I would steer clear of the Argos. They are going nowhere and fast. I say in the next 5 years they will go through at least 3 coaches.

They are going to be the Tiger Cats of the last 5 years.

They have way too many veterans and they have no young talent. All they have done is take our cast offs, Woodard, Mays and Glasper.

I noticed too the Argos seem lazy in recruiting by just signing 'Cat cast offs (6 currently on the Argo roster). I doubt they will be as bad as Hamilton has been the last 5 years. The Argos will be fine if they can find a few more former #1NFL draft picks in the off season......:frowning:

Tim Couch is looking for a Job :lol:

I think just the opposite.
Had Gill moved on I am sure Barrett would have been a candidate to replace him at UB.
With Gill re-signed and UB coming off their dream season Barrett will be at an all time sell high position.
He is in a no-win dead end position.
If the team does well it would be considered because of Gill.
If the team does poorly his butt would be on the line.

The Argos are very much at a low point, and the new coach would be given plenty of time and slack to turn things around!!

Danny Barrett may not even know if he wants to leave
the comfort of assisting at a small college program

to be in the spotlight with it's incumbent pressure again.

Right now he is busy prepping for a bowl game.

Sports writers have different opinions, too.

Dan Naylor Dec. 19the 2008

The Globe and Mail

click here

To quote Naylor...Although Barrett remains noncommittal,
the fact that the Argos have kept him on their shortlist

suggests the club believes it could persuade him to take the job.

Any coach worth his salt will always take a chance at HC and the challenge and glory that can come with it. I loved Danny as a player but thought he was a little too emotional as HC. Perhaps he's learned from his exile. I will always wish that man all the best, he's a brick, and I mean that in the best possible English way

I think the way the Argos parted ways with Stubbler who apparently is in litigation with the Argos will have a negative effect on their ability to recruit a HC. Whoever steps in will want a bullet proof contract to step in that pig pen...

HfxTC, can you provide us with a link to the media source
regarding Rich Stubler's alleged lawsuit against the Argos?