Argos interested in ex - NFL starter

Another possibility for training camp.

Was really hoping this was going to be Troy Smith, not a huge fan of Lemon. Would love to see what Smith could do in the CFL.

Its very apropriate that Argos are looking for Lemons! Its like that movie where the owner gets to move the team if they have a bad enough season. 3rd stringers out of Buffalo etc? It would be one thing if Argos had not just come off of a year where they tried to go with clowns as coaches, but now they are at it again under new management.

Another bad signing of a NFL reject and third in a row.
Something that would have been accepted last year with Andrus.
But, with Barker who knows better as being in this league for years this is totally unacceptable.

I stand corrected, a bad contemplated possible signing.

I think MeadowLark Lemon of the Globetrotters would be better than Cleo.