Argos Insulted

All this talk of having a second NHL franchise in Toronto seems to me beyond insulting to the Argos and the CFL in general. I'm a Vancouverite - a Lion's faithful, but I am also a proud Canadian. Out west, this kind of thinking reinforces the perception that Torontotonians think of themselves first, are enamoured with Americans 2nd on the list, and the rest of Canada a distant 3rd. On the othr hand, it would be so refreshing to see corporate Toronto take some risk in better support of the all-Canadian CFL before a dialogue about another NHL team. Stop this perception of TO-national codependency, and PUMP YOUR LOCAL TEAM!! Businessmen/women - partner with the Argos in promoting your business and products, or whatever it takes. Get on THEIR team!!! Make the rest of the country proud of you - not resentful.

It's not Leaf fans or Argos fans that want a second hockey team in Toronto. It's the corporate greater Toronto area. I'm a Leafs fan. Diehard. Will always be. I wouldn't cheer for the second team in Toronto, should it happen. I'm also an Argos fan and a Jays fan. IMO, I think a second hockey team in Toronto would spell DISASTER for the Argos and Jays.

At the end of the day there are only so many dollars your average Toronto sports fan can shell out in the course of a year on tickets and merchandise. More money allocated towards hockey = a smaller piece of the pie for the Argos and Jays.

However, I fully support a hockey team in Hamilton, Winnipeg, Quebec City or Hailfax. Just stay outta Toronto!

I dont think it would be all that bad for the Jays/Argos. The Leafs are HUGE in Toronto, but both the Argos and Jays are still kicking. A second NHL team would probably be second fiddle, like the Islanders in New York or the Clippers in LA. It would be impossible to count the number of times something was supposed to kill the Argos and Jays (especially Argos) and theyve survived. The NFL, Arena Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Bowling, Ted Rogers, you name it, it was supposed to kill the Argos. But at the end of the day, the Argos Pull Together and survive. No matter what Stephen Brunt wants you to believe, they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. We are stuck with Canadian football in this city, wether you like it or not. I do. :rockin:

Agreed af1990. The Argo fan base has shown that there is a steady stream of support for the club in the city, despite having bottomed out twice in the past decade. I don't think that any discussion of a 2nd NHL team in Toronto is really of that much concern to the Argos, at least when compared to the Raptors, Marlies and Jays.

From a purely business model perspective, a 2nd NHL team makes a tremendous amount of sense. You have a top 5 North American market, in a country that is completely rabid about hockey, and in a city that is emerging as a world business capital. It seems natural, especially when you consider that LA has 2 teams and NYC has 3 and that hockey is certainly not the favourite or even 2nd favourite sport in those areas.

Yes, a 2nd NHL team would soak up consumer sports dollars, corporate dollars and media attention, but I think the Argos (and CFL) are in a good position to be shielded from that. I don't see any reason, as an Argo fan, to take offense to any talk of adding another team in the market

hockey sucks, I hate we have to see it all the time on TSN, TSN needs to ditch the hockey and bring more basketball and football :rockin:

Toronto is not a hockey mad city, it is a Leaf only city.
A second team will not work.

More basketball and less Hockey? Clearly you're not Canadian. What state did you grow up in?

CLEARLY you weren't downtown Toronto when Team Canada won the Olympic Gold this year. The streets were shoulder to shoulder from Front street all the way well past Younge and Dundas. Every sports bar was packed. There were lineups outside all of the Sports bars hours before every Team Canada game. Before the Gold Medal game the lineup outside Gretzky's started at 5am!

Toronto also supports the World Juniors. It's nearly impossible to get a seat in a sports bar during a Canada World Juniors game. This year the World Juniors is in Buffalo. Trust me when I say the majority of fans at the games will be Leaf fans. My buddies and I got our tickets!

Not only does Toronto support the Leafs, it also supports Team Canada!

Stories like that can be said about pretty much any sporting event in Sask, World Juniors, Vanier Cups, Briars, Rodeo Championships, Softball worlds, Semi-pro baseball, etc. Any sporting event there is pretty much sold out months in advance. Hell they even had to shut the streets down when the Jays won the world series.

Basketball sucks. Not much more to say.

Twice the amount of hockey games played in the region with an opportunity for people to attend live NHL hockey. A cross town rivalry. That works most everywhere else. If 4 teams (Islanders, Rangers, Devils, Flyers) can be within 2 hours of each other, then the same can be done in, of all places, the golden horseshoe. The NHL wasn't an absolute failure in Hartford either. A third team will work.

I don't see how that is insulting.
A lot of people watch the leafs, but the leafs don't win... maybe they just want a winning team?
I think in the next 3 years though the leafs will be a rising force, Toronto fans just aren't very patient... wait thats not true, a group are ridiculously patient and the rest aren't.

I think a Hamilton NHL team would be much better though, that could be a great rivalry.
Maybe even strengthen the cfl rivalry as well.