Argos Injury Report: Bladek, Foote, Mencer miss Tuesday practice

TORONTO β€” The Toronto Argonauts have filed their first injury report of the week ahead of their game against the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Saturday in Regina.

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Well, there goes the ball game. :mask:

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Even worse, Bladek, Foote and Mencer are perfectly healthy and ready to play. They just 'miss' practice. :grin:

That one’s a little dry Maaax. :wink:

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Lol, no head-game playing here:

  • Our only healthy/fully practiced QB is questionable?
  • Kyran Moore (out til WK 10 at the earliest) questionable?
  • One of our only healthy/fully practiced DEs (Hughes) is questionable?
  • Pete Robertson (bum ankle/no practice last 2 weeks) questionable?

That's some good stuff coach. :rofl: :joy:

Was going to be tough call for me because Argos Sask my 2 fave teams. I had called for Argos win in Atlantic Bowl with Sask winning at home for rematch. However if Cody not dressed all in for Argos. I don't want the Sask QB embarrassed, but don't want him to look too impressive for Cody sake

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