Argos injuries

Part 1

I know it's not nice to take pleasure in the injuries of others. But by all standards, this Ricky Williams anecdote is funny:

On his way to the team's locker room following practice on Tuesday, Williams, [b]who likes to go barefoot[/b], accidentally stubbed his toe on a door.
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Maybe yoga and football don't mix so well after all.

(Before you jump on me, remember three things: he was already hurt so this won't keep him out of any games; he was one of the most hyped CFL signings ever; and he was attending practice barefoot!)

Part 2

From another article:

"I know what their situation is," Als head coach Don Matthews said. "We've been battling the same injury bug."

Matthews said the Als were missing 12 starters because of injuries earlier this season.

The Argos' plight, though, is much more severe, with seemingly no rhyme nor reason for the spate of injuries.

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"Much more severe" than 12 starters? What could be much worse than that - all 24 starters? Or could it perhaps be the case that the Als just have better depth or better coaching? Or maybe that the Argos are an aging team coached by an ex-player who is emotionally unable to part with former teammates.

Part 3

From yet another article:

Seldom, if ever, has a team been as devastated by injury as the Argos, who take their rag-tag roster into Montreal for a game tomorrow against the unbeaten Alouettes.
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Seldom, if ever? In the long history of this great game, quite possibly no other team has ever been this badly hurt?

Paranoia sets in early when you're an Argo fan.

Oh the poor Argos.


Argos got wupped tonight in Montreal. I think they should fire their coach...then we can pick him up. Would love to see Pinball as our coach! :slight_smile:

I was really hoping that the Als would shut out the Argos. What can I say?...misery loves company. Putting in Nealon Greene who threw that interception was a gift to the Argos.