Argos Initiative with Flag football in Toronto

This type of investment usually pays off . Tried to link it but was unable to.

Read about the Argos initiative on with Youth Flag Football and having Argo connection to uniforms for the entire Toronto League .

This is great to see and will only benefit the Argos for years to come .

Good move for the Argos to align themselves with this league.

I see flag football as the future in terms of attracting kids or more specifically parents who are cautious of enrolling them in the contact counterparts. I’m curious to know how their enrollment numbers are.

I think attaching their brand will only help their exposure. Grow the game is just as important as growing the business side too.

Flag football a good alternative to tackle for children uncomfortable with the equipment and the contact. Great exercise, great way to learn terminology. Great way to make friends and share a love of football.