Argos Indigenous-inspired Logo

It looks like the Argos will be introducing an indigenous inspired logo, like the Lions did last season. I like it and will probably pick up one of the T-shirts when they're available.

This was designed by Kory Parkin.

Time to share some NEWS! As far as I can remember, the Toronto Argonauts have always been part of my life. Guess you can say I’m a diehard fan. From my early days of Pinball Clemons to the new squad with players like Deionte Knight. It was only time before I recreated their logo to give it an INDIGENIZE_x feel. To my surprise, I received overwhelming support for it which lead to Management reaching out. I can finally share that the Argos loved it so much they have asked to partner with me on using it this coming season for multiple uses and help bring attention to Indigenous Peoples across this country. The first use for it came at a Youth Camp they held this afternoon on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory which is was a giveaway to all the youth. I also had the honour to present Deionte Knight and Pinball Clemons with one of my prints that I made about them to thank them for doing this for my community. Dream come true today and can’t wait to see what else we have in store for the season. More to come….


Wouldn't be a strange thing indeed if Toronto managed to draw 30,000 (too many) fans just like BC did for doing a similar thing with their logo? Nice, but strange.

"Submitted for your approval, one unloved CFL franchise that's never had a capacity crowd in the 21st Century... now overflowing with enthusiastic fans sporting an INDIGENIZE version of a tired logo designed by one Kory Parkin, an obscure but talented artist who's about to enter... The Twilight Zone."


This would be Episode 157 ('We Argo Houston') in the series which ended in 1964 with Episode 156 (The Bewitchin' Pool).


Wonder how many other teams will do this. Collect the whole set!

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I suspect we'll see more. BC and Winnipeg had them last year. I believe I saw a Redblacks one online at some point, though I can't track it down now. And I found another artist who'd done up a slightly different Argos one.



Ya... That's a sweet logo. I'm always impressed with the quality of work in indigenous art.

A photo of the Manitoba Moose jersey



Here's the Redblacks one and an Als one. I believe these were done by a fan on his own initiative.


Here's an article on the event at which the Argos distributed shirts with the indigenized logo. It looks like Deionte Knight also has some indigenous background.