Argos in Waterloo??

How is it the Argos are invited to an event in Waterloo?? This is supposed to be our home region this season. Is this how you build a fan base in K-W-G by letting your rivals walk by you??

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I'd let them in too :smiley:

Why not? they are probably exploring options for a permanent home after they leave the Rogers Centre.

Never know. Maybe Western Ontario will go football crazy and want to build a stadium and have their own team.

Much as I hate the blue team on the field, they were out supporting a good cause. I say good for them for looking past TO and supporting other causes in Ontario. :smiley:

It's not so much that the Argos were there but the Ticats weren't. I hate to say it but the Argos do way more community events and exposure than the Ticats. Their cheerleaders are used properly and marketed. I don't even see half the effort from Ticats marketing.

I'm not even going to comment on that because I have no clue how many community events they do but I do but I do know they do a lot, saying that I'm sure you have no idea either so its kind of a silly comment.


Hey the Argo's used to hold Training Camp at University of Guelph before they started their training facility at Erindale U. of T.
in Mississauga? Also the school that Mike O'Shea came out of before he joined the Cats and left for the Argo's?

I think the Argo's are trying to spread their marketing in the CFL and as Grey Cup champs around Ontario but the problem is that outside of Toronto, Mississauga and certain areas of the GTA the Argo's are not well liked, it's Ti-Cat Country just about everywhere else in Ontario, or Rider fans?

You see Toronto has a reputation of being Cocky and a bunch of cry babies, always getting their way and people in the country like myself who grew up with the Cats know better, we can spot an Argo fan from miles away, Ti-Cats are true to their team and always will be!! Eat Em Raw Tiger-Cats in 2013!!!

Toronto can go look at Oshawa, Kingston, Barrie, anything west of Oakville in Ontario should be Ti-Cat territory.

From a purely geographic perspective I would say that Guelph and K/W/C are neutral territory. I was born and raised in Stratford, Ontario which is only about 45 min. from Lake Huron. Out of all the CFL fans I knew of it was about half and half for each team. Same thing in Waterloo when I lived there for a few years.

The Argos need all the help they can get even after a GC win. Leave them to it.

The entire area needs to be CFL territory. Both teams need to do everything they can to appeal to all potential fans in the GTA and the surrounding area. Winning over fans to the league is the most important thing. There are a lot of Argo fans in Burlington and some in Cambridge, Brantford, K-W, London, etc.

I can see why some Ticat fans might feel their "territory" was infringed, but this was not a marketing event, it was a charitable endeavour -- building/renovating for Habitat for Humanity.