ARGOS in the Playoffs!

Argos make the playoffs for the first time in years.

Now the argos have to focus on trying to win against montreal to get home field advantage, and then trying to find a way to beat the Hamiltion Tiger-Cats who have dominated them this year.

When is the last time the Argos and Ti-Cats have played in the playoffs? :?

I think this will be a big game. 8)

Go Argos! A Grey Cup, however unlikely, is still possible! :thup:

2004 ESF in Toronto. Argos won that and went on to win the GC.

Anything is possible in the CFL, however the Argos will need to start scoring more points on offence. They can't rely on kick returns to win ball games. Overall I am happy with the progression this team has made this season. I felt 9-9 is were they would be.

I honestly see Hamilton as a powerhouse going in.
If we can beat them anything is possible.

As unheard of as it is, if the Ti-Cats beat us I'm honestly going to be cheering for them to win the Grey Cup, and I think they can probably do it.

Exciting, big game. Love it. :thup:

I'll have a hard time cheer for them to win the grey cup. But I would like them to knock of Montréal. I would like to see the Eskies get on a roll and shock the world.

I hate to agree with Hamlton being the powerhouse, but they have proven it throught the season.

I will not be cheering for Hamilton.....I will go west. :oops: