Argos in talks with NE Patriots Assistant to be new Coach

Per Source Argonauts have had talks and will be meeting again during the Super Bowl with New England Patriots
assistant Josh Boyer to be the new Head Coach of the Toronto Argonauts.

Not a large resume but maybe some of Belechick's work ethic , organizational skills and game managing has rubbed off on him .

Access Media and sources have returned.

Wow....someone needs their internet taken away.

LOL!!! Yup , as per source it would appear like the Ass Man has returned !!! :cowboy:

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O good. I've been waiting to finally get some reliable news about the league.

Grigson is fired by indy, lets start a rumour he is coming to Toronto.

I heard that John Huard wants a do over.

I hope they are going to lure someone of Clements stature who knows the league . They definitely have to open the cheque book to lure someone of quality away from the NFL or even the NCAA . I don't think it will happen but it would be a great plus for CFL fans in Toronto if they did have a big name try their hand at the Argos .

Let's hope it's someone competent at organizing a team in the CFL with it's different rules and approach to Canadian content .

I like Garcia as well . If the door was still open in the CFL Khari Jones . In the NCAA Danny Barrett . If you want someone who likes the limelight and is colourful then go for Rex Ryan .

Another guy to consider could be Jim Zorn, who was a HC and OC in the NFL. I was very impressed with him as a NFL coach, although pundits in Washington said he was maybe he's available? Zorn spent a season as backup QB with the Bombers to end his playing career.

Was Zorn the inaccurate lefty?

Long live the Rainman!

Ass per sources...LOL!!

Yep, Zorn to Largent was the bomb.

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saw rumblings on the argo board that Tom Clements is presently in Toronto and meeting with the Argos...interesting. I know he was one of a handful of names thrown out at one point but didn't think much would happen there. could be someone spouting something that isn't there...but interesting.

Jim Popp at the Leafs game tonight as per Dave Naylors twitter.

that would be cruel and unusual punishment! Argos have made it sound like they are pretty locked in on an NFL body though

Thanks for pointing it in this thread DepopulationInC!

Apparently he's been spotted with Tannenbaum per Lawless as Copeland is in Arizona. Good to see ownership getting involved in some level if this leads somewhere.