Argos in talks with J.Jackson

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The Toronto Argonauts will consider signing free-agent quarterback Jarious Jackson providing he proves to the team that he has physically recovered from an injured shoulder.

Argo general manager/head coach Jim Barker told on Friday he has talked with the free agent, who had been with the B.C. Lions since 2004 and at one point started for them.

"I’ve talked to Jarious. There's no (game) film on him, so it's hard to make a statement on where he's at," Barker said. "That’s about where to leave it."

Barker said the conversation lasted about 15-20 minutes during which time he talked about the team’s situation with its quarterbacks and Jackson’s situation. Barker has publicly stated incumbent starting quarterback Cleo Lemon will have to compete in training camp to retain his job.

"I said I need to find out more about his (physical) situation," Barker said. "At some point we would need to bring him in, and not only give him a physical, but watch him throw for an extended period. Because he has not played in two years, I have absolutely nothing to base anything on. For me to do anything except do my due diligence as a general manager as I should, that’s what I’m doing. I’m investigating every opportunity. We have not set an actual date."

Jackson, 33, chose not to re-sign with the B.C. Lions, who were offering him a deal that would have paid him about $130,000 a season, which is the going rate for a backup quarterback, not including bonuses for playing time and statistical output.

Jackson wants to compete for a starting job, and told Vancouver radio station CKWX if the Argos give him that opportunity and a decent contract, he will sign with the team.

Jackson had some game time in 2006, but it was in 2007 that he moved up to the starting role. In 11 games, he had a 9-2 record, throwing for 2,553 yards, completing 54.9 per cent of his passes and totaling 18 touchdown passes and 10 interceptions. He rushed for 265 yards and had three touchdowns but also nine fumbles. He completed 54.9 per cent of his passes in 2008, throwing for 2,164 yards and had 17 touchdown passes and 10 interceptions and rushed for 362 yards, scoring two touchdowns and fumbling four times.

His production slipped in 2009 because of a shoulder issue, which limited his playing time in 2010.

IMO, Chris Leak has much more upside, and the argos should be talking to him.

Did your link say Sportsnet, yeah that same site said that we hired Richie Hall 3 weeks before it happened... :roll: but still good news none the less!

In this case despite it being Sportsnet and Lefko there are quotes from Barker saying he has talked to Jackson.

That is pretty old news as far as Lions fans are concerned... check Ullrich's blog:


He will probably re-up with the Leos unless he has a real shot at the starting job in TO.

He'll stay here, likely is just keeping Wally on his toes. He's too old now to try to start over. He'll be a career backup.

We have to sign both Jackson and Leak.

I'm with you ArgoT. Were I to be Barker, I'd sign both, bring them to camp, and have a competition between Jackson, Leak, Lemon, and Bell, and whoever else, and may the best man win.

What's he got to lose?

I know Barker keeps saying he's happy with his current stable of QBs (and if he's telling the truth, he's in a minority I should think). . . but even if you are, why not bring in competition in the form of Jackson and/or Leak ? Nothing to lose. . . so go for it.

...Barker has to say that though MJ, think of how his position to negotiate acquisitions would change if he was quoted saying 'yeah, we really suck at QB right now, I'm extremely worried'...his bargaining power would be nil...

I am wondering how long Barker will hold onto bell and brannigan. its hard to say if lemon would stay on as a second stringer. i think people were a little hard on him last year. a first year CFL qb he did pretty good. once again though... are we so short of qbs we have to keep signing damaged qbs... just wondering. i dont know if he is the solution...

Eh... I wouldn't spend more than $130,000 on him.

maybe pay him game by game basis. if he cant play he dont get paid.

Oh I agree totally Red, he has to say that. . .be a dummy to say otherwise. That would be like a coach saying 'my QB has an albatross of a contract and I'm bringing in my own golden boy to be my QB this season', thus eliminating any possible trade value for the incumbent, and so he has to release him and get nothing for him. . . and then that QB goes on to lead his new team to the playoffs and pass for over 5,000 yards while his golden boy craps the bed, takes a pay cut, gets released, and the coach loses his job. Now no CFL coach would be that dumb, would he? Oops..............

lol, and that is why most GM's shouldn't be coaches. :wink:

Exactly there cannot be any conflict in these two positions.
Although the GM and coach should work together for obvious reason, the positions must be detached from each other.

...I disagree with your black and white position ArgoT, Hufnagel and Buono seem to get along fine playing both roles...most GMs and coaches shouldn't attempt both roles, but there are some that can, and should....

I doubt any player would agree to that. He should be offered a low base salary with a lot of incentives including ones based on number of games started and finished as well as wins (regular season and play-off) so if he maxed out his incentives he would bring in a comparable amount to other starters.

make him sweat a bit longer... sign him to a practice roster contract.

Maybe so Red, and certainly you cannot question the success of either Wally or Huff, but year after year stories do come out from players on both teams stating how it's tough to deal with both the coach and GM when neither can be detached.

Wally has said he would still like Jarious back so if the Argos don’t offer anything decent he’ll be back in BC.