Argos in free fall

....Looks like Milanovitch has started to clean house....Says certain players 'have not showed up to play'...Not exact words but he has thrown down the gauntlet for sure...He's saying perform or here's your apple and a road map...I think there's a few people worried in T.O. about their jobs and the releases have started....Vidal Hazelton being the first out the door...Really good receiver and it looks like he might be one of the players Milo has called out...How many more get the heave ho....Things are blowing up in the Big Smoke :roll:

Sounds like a coach that knows he's on the end of his rope.

Too bad, I liked Hazelton but it's one of those 'what have you done for me lately' kind of moves. Same will be said on both the HC and GM post soon.

Remind me why we got rid of a locker room leader in Chad Owens?

The Argos in free fall ??????? Seriously ???? How can that be possible ???? I mean according to some (no names mentioned.....cough ,cough , A-51 , COUGH,COUGH !!!) the Argos have the BEST GM , the BEST COACH , the BEST CANADIAN TALENT , the BEST DEPTH , the BEST DEFENSIVE LINE etc etc. Are you sure Papa that you don't mean another team called the Argos ? that yer not mistaken somehow ? I mean how is it possible that a Jim Barker run ,Scott Millanovich coached team can be in a Free Fall ??? I for one am flabbergasted about this turn of events , I mean who in the world would have thought this to be possible that a team with the GREAT Barker and the GREAT Millanovich sailing the ship would be in the process of actually missing the playoffs again for the 2nd time in 3 years

TERRIBLE just TERRIBLE News , SHOCKING just SHOCKING that you would start a thread like this Papa :smiley: :thup: :rockin:

MIlanovich is the one that needs to go.

drew willy? seriously? :roll:

I called this at the beginning of the year on another sugar coating site called Argo Fans. Their typical line is The Sky Is Falling when you call it like you see it. Too bad I can't gloat since I've been banned. Realists can see the writing on the wall with constant player turnover from year to year.
Area 51 obviously looks at thinks differently when you have a brother on the team. I've never minded his heart on his sleeve and passion before he got banned from Argo Fans.

The Argos have the boat sinking faster then a refugee raft. BMO hasn't been what the doctor ordered and Barker and Milo haven't helped.

Time for new blood running the show as we're about to end up at 5-13 after being 4-2 at one point. Glad I didn't waste cash on Grey Cup tics. There for the four day party but no game between Calgary and Edmonton for me. That's right an all Alberta final after Edmonton wins the east after crossing over.

I don't know if Int. WR Vidal Hazelton has been released by the Argos, but Int. WR Kevin Elliott was released today by the Argos.


…Apparently both were in Milanovitch’s bad books…or someone had the two mixed up…( not me :smiley: )…In any event Elliott was the casualty today… Is there more coming??? :roll:

Speaking of the A-51 guy , where is everybody's favourite poster ? he's been conspicuous by his absence since yesterday's debacle. You would think a hot button topic like this one would be right up his alley . Oh well I'm sure he'll be dropping in shortly to once again "educate and enlighten" us all about how this free fall has nothing to do with Barker or Millanovich and how if the team get's rid of everybody else and keeps these two around that all will be fine with these Argos because these two are the BEST in the business at what they do :roll: :lol:

The list is getting longer

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 14m14 minutes ago
#CFL sources say the #Argos have released Vidal Hazelton, Kevin Elliott, Tori Gurley, and Phil Bates

[url=] ... n-elliott/[/url]

[b][i]Toronto has made sweeping changes to its receiving corps on Monday releasing receivers Kevin Elliott, Tori Gurley, Vidal Hazelton and Phil Bates per sources.

Gueley was third on the team with 36 catches for 509 yards and five touchdowns, Elliott was sixth on the team with 23 catches for 294 yards and two touchdowns while Hazelton had 23 catches for 361 yards and three touchdowns.

“Long time coming. Talented players but difficult guys in the locker room. Barker and Scott won’t put up with that,? said a CFL source.[/i][/b]

It's a blood letting.

Yep, he cleaning, strange move this time of year

The Toronto Argonauts released four wide receivers on Monday, including Tori Gurley, Vidal Hazelton and Kevin Elliott, according to TSN’s Matthew Scianitti.

The team also released wide receiver Phil Bates.

Obviously Gurley couldn't handle Drew's Willy! :wink: :wink: :wink:


the QB is the problem.

we better get word that they're been negative in the locker room or something to justify their releases. not that i want to hear that they are a detrimental energy, but this is completely irrational.

Fire Milanovich, barker. there is something going on behind the scenes and you can believe that it starts with the gm

Wow !!! What's up with that ??? who in the Hell releases their entire receiving core all at once ??? Some really screwy stuff going on in Toronto with these deletions. It begs the question but just who is left to catch Willy's balls in Toronto. :wink:

NOT in free fall.

Coach needs to shake the tree with an under performing team. You could see the coaches disappointment in his team during the game with Montreal. Head coach I would not touch but assistants and players may be in trouble.

You look at both defenses, the ball pursuit and tackling excellence by Montreal, TO was in stark contrast to them. Montreal has older veterans but they still play as well as anyone in the league.

Drew Willy is the coaches project, to see if he can bring him back. I would of also made the trade as there were too many unknowns in Ricky Rays injuries. A first round selection is unlikely to gain you anything in his first or second year, you can make up that loss of of a 1st rounder during FA. I would focus FA signings to younger stars that have proven themselves in the league.

Whats happening in Toronto right today I consider healthy and would not classify it as desperation. These players either start to perform or they won t be here.

Begs the question why Wadzilla's representative to the football world, Kyle Walters hasn't made a move to secure either Girley or Elliott, even Hazelton!

Could be that Willy absorbed most of Wpg's cap space until he was shuffled east.

Nice position you've put us in boys!

As for Toronto - they know they're dead to rights for the season. Giving Willy a chamber full of canucks who are about as fast as Adrianno Belli and Ed Phillion in a 3-legged race will do nothing other than get Willy injured again - so he can live out the rest of his CFL life on IR.

Whether Sgt. Bilko (Barker) and Jughead (Milanovich) have a future in Toronto is another matter!!!

And yet Milanovich and Barker in their infinite wisdom kept them around for almost 2 full seasons.

I brought this up over on Argofans a while ago: "The 2016 season was lost the day Barker and Milanovich were given 3 year extensions."

And now to hear that Milanovich has named Drew Willy the starter for the rest of the season and beyond = Wow, Toronto is being run into the ground by circus ringleaders.

Read somewhere that Winnipeg is already talking to Hazelton (could be others as well).

This sets up Ricky Ray to be the first QB ever to come back from injuries twice in the same season, each time never having thrown a pass to any of his starting receivers.

(I'm exaggerating, but not a lot)