Argos in a very tough spot right now

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...his ownership has recently come under fire, with his demands for a high sale price and a percentage of future revenues being cited as a factor in why MLSE hasn't yet bought the Argos. His inability to find them a stadium solution has also been a big part of the team's current attendance, scheduling and financial struggles. The Argos' marketing budget has reportedly been slashed as well, and several top executives have left.

Yes indeed , they are in a tough spot , as is their owner , a lot of it , his own doing ........he can continue to pay the bills and continue to ask a inflated price for the team and not have a hope in heck of getting it because, for one reason, they will have no place to play soon or the CFL can kick in 10 million or so to get BMO Cfl ready................ Mr. Braley, can also choose to not pay the bills, in which the case the league will take the team over and sell it at bargain basement prices if possible, but still may have to kick in the ten million to find them a home ....................OR they will cease to exist .................Those are the options , we will see what path is taken .

With all the good Mr. Braley has done for this league , and he should be commended for all his dedication through out the years , I am afraid he may have fumbled the ball on this one.

Please don't get me wrong, I really appreciate what Mr. Braley has done for the league and TiCats!
But, He has hosted the Grey Cup in 2011(BC), 2012(TOR) and will host this year 2014 again in BC.
There is some serious $Millions made from hosting those 3 events that Braley is taking in.
You will not see BC or TOR hosting for a long while now and Mr. Braley will be moving on as both teams are for sale
IMHO his TOR asking price is too high and the longer it sits in limbo the more worthless it gets.
The Lions are in better fiscal shape
Hamilton should host the Cup in 2016 or 2017

if the owner doesn't care, why should the fans?

At least C&S attended games and mingled with fans. We knew they cared.

argos need a new stadium and new owner badly. the CFL can't lose a team in the nations largest city. and we need a 10 team league.

braley needs to stop being cheap and do whats good for the league. it confuses me because i always thought Braley did great things for the league and really supported it. Not sure why he has driven the argos into this situation

Well - if they can ever get the BMO/MLSE thing back on track - here are the latest renderings of what BMO will look like according to the Toronto Sun

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Does no one remember how he treated the cats when he sold them....

Expand please. I've obviously forgotten.

Even as they were propped up by Braley's money.

Speculation has it, that there is only one team to which he hasn't given money at one time or another. Can anyone guess?

That is the million dollar question.

First, the CFL doesn't have any money to prop up a dying franchise. Look at Montreal, Ottawa and even Hamilton 10 years ago. They would let the team fold first. Second, MLSE owns BMO and isn't currently configured to allow football. If MLSE doesn't buy the team and proceed with their renovation plans, then the Argo-nots will not be going there. We really won the lottery getting Bob Young and a new stadium for our Ticats. Maybe Bob might want to take the Argos off Braley's hands and save them too.

But then the league has one owner for 2 teams again and I don't think they want that.

But he did great things for the league, he bought the Argos and has run them with huge losses every year.
How does anyone expect him to spend MORE money when he is losing more every year? how can he spend money he doesn't have?
All this talk about extra TV revenue but the fact is that the extra TV revenue kicking in this year would only give them $2 Million more per year. So far this year their average attendance has dropped by 6,000 fans which if you work it out at $50 to $60 a ticket means a drop in ticket revenue of around $3 Million.
So they gain $2 Million in the TV contract but lose $3 Million in lost attendance this year................ :roll:
So much for that big announcement last year and everyone getting excited about the TV revenue and the increased contract would put CFL teams on the road to prosperity.
It is still all about the attendance, the bums in the seats.

Financials for the Argonauts aren't available, but piecing together data from the league's releases and the new TV deal suggests their non-TV finances are either at least $1.85 million worse off per year now than they were in 2012, or that the team was losing money even then despite the Grey Cup.

Braley isn't a Rogers who can lose a lot of money on the Blue Jays and rack it up to branding and advertising costs they would have spent anyways.

York University Ian MacDonald Boulevard/Ottawa Road Toronto, Ontario -

what about here can they cover over the track for games ?
Add some Seats
If you Remember this was stadium we going to get .
Why can’t it work for the argos ?

After the Pan am games
add some Seats that could be Push back for track and field.
a Roll out CFL Field That can be pushed over the Track .
when a CFL game is over Rollback the field and push the Stands back up .
They have till 2017 to get this ready more time then we got to build our Stadium
2 years for a Retro fit is lots of time


Yes but If they fold or don’t have a home
you’ll have no one to boo Bruce
If they leave there is no more Argo Sucks chant ,
There no more booing them

Every Batman needs his Joker
Every Joker needs his batman

I took quote to try explain this to you .

Batman: Then why do you want to kill me?
The Joker: [giggling] I don't, I don't want to kill you! What would I do without you? Go back to ripping off mob dealers? No, no, NO! No. You... you... complete me.

The same is with Ticats without the Argos
labour day would be just another game
we need Them as much the argo fans do

Much like they need us to Boo in Toronto .
we are two sides of a Coin Linked forever.
They complete us .

If we go Back to 8 Teams Guess what
will be playing BC Labour day from Now on.
Here why Labour day Weekend is Rivals week.
Red Black Al
Bombers Riders
Stamps /Esks
who’s left if go back to 8 Teams
BC that not very big draw for the Ticats.
We need them Argos to Thrive

The Argo will never fold, mark it down when I tell you this they will be at BMO field after their lease at the sky dome ends!

My Granddad Use to say don’t count your chickens before they hatch Bruce
BMO is too small and if MLSE don’t buy em they won’t going in there any time soon
You never see darkside of life do you
this is business and MLSE won’t buy a Team They Feel they can’t make a Profit on
They have Share holders to account too .
The argos lose money Unless they find a Stadium and new owner They could fold.
don’t count your chickens before they hatch Bruce

correction; the city of Toronto OWNS BMO.