Argos hurting

From the Star:

Wide receiver Bethel Johnson was getting treatment on his sprained ankle yesterday and won't play in Hamilton. James Robinson hurt his Achilles tendon in Friday's win over Winnipeg and is questionable, as is Obed Cetoute, who suffered a knee injury in that game.

Add to that they're coming off a short week.

Hamilton first in run offence.

Toronto last in run defence

Friday to Thursday with no travel isn't a short week.

Oh Duh!

Don't know why I thought they played Sunday.

Expect a different defence from the one we saw in the first game against them.
The Argos pretty well shut down the Bombers running game and Dinwiddie was sacked and hurried all night.

Winnipeg has the worst running game averaging 61 yards per game.

Hamilton has the best at 167 yards per game.

Toronto has the worst run defence giving up an average of 150 yards per game.

Quite the extremes and should be interesting to see how it all plays out, especially with no Jesse.
However, I expect Richie Williams to get his fair share of yardage on the ground.

6 days is a short week.
Not as bad as some but last I checked there was 7 days in a full week :slight_smile:

Saskatchwan was hurting when we played them. And Montreal was hurting in the season opener. Good teams can overcome injuries, and Toronto is a good team. So I wouldnt put any faith in Toronto injuries helping the Cats: Cats need to play to win, not play "not to lose"

Just heard Kevin Eiben is back and will play.

Yeah, it is true that other teams have been injured and we have done nothing with it. That said, the Argos seem to be really hurting with their receivers, so maybe we can do something this game. Keep Joseph from running for first downs, if that is possible and the Argos offense will probably collapse. They certainly don't have a running game. Perhaps a battle of two and outs.

I wouldnt say there a good team...