Argos host of TD Atlantic the next few seasons

With Rogers Centre really pinching the dates for the Argos, should the Argos consider moving one home game to Moncton over the next few seasons. The thought would be that they may make much more revenue for what could become a traditional game at Moncton, every season if the Atlantic region does not step up for an expansion team, then they would on an odd tuesday night game or a thrusday night game after Labor day.
It has been said to be like a mini grey cup with a lot of fanfare and local and regional sponsors putting up money for the nationally televised game. The opponent would be a natural vs the Alouettes as a visiting team.
The Atlantic Football league is starting to take off and could use Moncton as a neutral site game each season with both UNB teams playing against the Holland/UPEI team and DAL as a traditional weekend of football. Bringing more fans from Saint John, Frederickton, and PEI to give football fans from those Universities and Communities to help promote the AFL and also take in a CFL game once a season very close by.
The other side is will Argo season ticket holders be satisfied with having only 8 home games a season instead of nine.

Not too much action on this pole or thread. I would be interested to hear what everyones thoughts are on this. Tis has and is happening with other pro sports. The Bills in Toronto. the JAGs in London England. The packers used to play one game a season in Milwukee. The Celtics use to play a few games a season in providence RI. The Expos at the end played games in Puerto Rico.
For the Argos if it means more revenue for one game than they would get in Rogers Centre It could be a great way for the Argos to get a nice revenue boost as well as the CFL continuing to spread the the CFL into the Maritimes. With the Als as their opponenet makes sense. A rider game would be a big draw in the Maritimes but for the Argos playing the Riders at home only once a season the Rider game does draw a top attendance so financially it would not make much sense to move that game out of Rogers Centre
Also the pre season home game at Rogers centre has really been very low attendance in 2010 and 2011. Even with them winning the Grey Cup I still believe that the pre season game will not be a big sell especially during a weeknight.
SO last year they had a schoolday game inviting 30K school students to a 12 noon game and this season a good promotional game at Varsity Blues stadium.
Perhaps taking a pre season game to London vs Hamilton at TD waterhouse and a 16,000 seat set up.
using there home pre season game to play the riders in Saskatoon would for sure be a big revenue draw for the Argos as the Riders generate great revenue for their pre season game in Regina. If the Riders move training camp to saskatoon it would be a great way for them to end their camp there by playing a game with the Argos getting the revenue as the home team. Imagine how excited the fans from Saskatoon who usually can not get to many games during the season in Regina.
There would be the travel cost of the flight to saskatoon for the Argos but the team with a larger training camp roster could certainly save by staying in the dorms at U of S with the Riders. coming in a few days earlier could also use Gordy Howe as a practice facility.

saskatoon does not have a big enough stadium to host a preseason game. The Riders draw more than their capacity, as does every other team in the league...there is really nothing in it for the CFL to have one there, because even if seating is doubled to 12k you know it is going to sell out...big expense to prove nothing and gain nothing financially because of the cost of having it there.

I don't really care who plays in the Atlantic games, I think it is a great idea, so long as an East team uses a home game. If they started the same thing in say Victoria (where capacity is 5k and designed to expand to 30k, so testing that market makes sense) I would hope it would be a West team's home game.

Honestly, IMO after a few Atlantic games people have had the opportunity to see asses viability of a club there. It is nearing time for someone to step up, or test another market.

Perhaps not using it as a market tester but an annual game there in which the region would look forward to and go all out nce a season as it has been like a mini Grey Cup week there for the game. Perhaps a team in Moncton can not be supported but maybe an annual game there each year could be a perfect fit and with the Argos hosting Montreal each season over the next few years could turn into an annual event and big revenue generator for the Argos.
You know that an Argos game on a odd weeknight tuesday game will be a loss for the Argos at the gait for sure.

I like the Victoria Idea there is really nothing major sports wise that goes on in V.I. and they do have the venue in Royal Athletic park that can be expanded to 25K. Since U Victoria is too cheap to have a football program in the CanWest A CFL team could be the biggest thing on the island that would be supported. 360K in Victoria Metro and 550K total on the island perhaps a region that has been overlooked for expansion. Football is popular on V.I. with the Junior VI Raiders and the rebels . The concern in the Maritimes is the popularity of football. I do not think that would be the case here

I disagree with it beyond market testing unless there is an appropriate sized stadium. At the end of the day this is still a business, and if a team can make more playing at home, then why play elsewhere. Yeah, it is great fanfare to play here and there, but if I am an owner...I am concerned about roi, and if I am flirting with breaking even it needs to be at home.

That is my point of this thread would the Argos stand to make more revenue as the home team at the TD Atlantic each year opposed to an odd weeknight game on a tuesday at Rogers Centre? That would be something that may be worth looking into. For any other team this would not be the case. This season Hamilton will stand to make more revenue at the TD Atlantic this season than at Guelph so it makes sense for them to be the home team. If the same stands for the Argos for one game each season then it would be something to consider.

How about the Argos playing 9 games a season in Moncton? everyone complains that the Rogers centre is too big and they need a much smaller venue.

Yes I know the complaints really seem to be to the point of hatred of the Rogers Centre and those who seem to refuse to even go to a game there but there are Argo fans that do go to games. For a weeknight game on a tuesday or a thrusday night game after Labor Day I do not have any official stats with me but seems to be a really smaller attendance than usual on such games. If the Argos were to take on the TD Atlntic Game for a three year period to start and having everyone know well in advance. Yes there will be a TD Atlantic game this year, Yes the Argos will be the home team, and it will be on the 3rd or 4th saturday every september as the Jays would likely be home at least one of those two weekends.
It would also follow the Labor Day home and home two weeks in Hamilton and back in Rogers Centre the next week. With the new stadium in Hamilton Argo fans would most likely get their Labor Day tickets in Hamilton before the season. The number of tickets sold could dictate the number of temp seating will be put up in the open end zone area at the new venue. As well as late standing room tickets going on sale wit the new stadium in Hamilton having the Patio Area for standing as well as the concourse on the home side behind the lower level seat and below the upper level seats as not to be in the sight lines of the upper level seats. This is something that could not be done at the old Ivory Wynn.

Since U Victoria is too cheap to have a football program in the CanWest A CFL team could be the biggest thing on the island that would be supported.
Some years ago the reason given for UVic not having a football program was that it was an equality issue, i.e., there couldn't be a mens' team in a sport in which there wasn't a womens' team and vice-versa. Sad but true. This was when Ken and Kathy Shields were running the athletics program so there could be other reasons now.

Yeah, that rule is ridiculous. Same reason there's CIS rugby for women but not men. Just because women don't play football for example shouldn't mean that men can't play other sports at a university level.

Since U Victoria is too cheap to have a football program in the CanWest A CFL team could be the biggest thing on the island that would be supported.
Some years ago the reason given for UVic not having a football program was that it was an equality issue, i.e., there couldn't be a mens' team in a sport in which there wasn't a womens' team and vice-versa. Sad but true. This was when Ken and Kathy Shields were running the athletics program so there could be other reasons now.
being well aware of the equal womens to mens sports policy at Canadian Univeristy sports and I am all for it. In looking at the current sports. I noticed that one pretty popular sport being volleyball is missing from the list of athletics for the Vikes so adding a mens football team and adding just a womens volleyball team would make sense as Women's Volleyball is a popular and ver competative Can west sport and they already have a gym to host the women's Volley ball team. They already have a multipurpose on campus venue in Centenial park that host the VIkes outdoor athletic team and has hosted football games there. A current permanent capacity of 5,000 with the ability to expand to 25k to 30K capacity.
So if the Vikes do not want a football program a CFL franchise could be a possibilty with the room for Centenial to expand.
Even with the Vikes starting a football program would have the vikes who have been interested for years similar to the Sun at the UBC Okanagan Campus. A women's volleyball team beig brand new could play in the samller regional PacWest conference

Well I have to part ways with you on this one. If women want a hockey team, fine. Any sport they want, if they can show enough interest to field a competitive team, fine. But simply because there's no interest in fielding a womens' football team shouldn't require the university not to consider fielding a mens' football team. Or have I misunderstood you? UVic is certainly big enough to give CIS football a shot. Centennial stadium is big enough, and can be expanded easily, as shown in the 1994 commonwealth games.

But your call is probably right. It's likely a money issue. U of Lethbridge (where I live) has a stadium that holds about 3000 with standing room, but the principal guy behind the idea of a junior team with players from the U of L and Lethbridge College couldn't raise the performance bond of $250,000 that the PJFC required for a team. Got about halfway therre and it just hit a brick wall. There was a team in the works, to be called the Blitz. Hell, I'd have gone to every home game. A damn shame.

No I think you are with me on this one. Since there is no women’s football league in University sports then to keep things equal the women would have to add a different sport. I bring up Volleyball because in is fairly a big sport in western Canada and even if the starting a new women’s volleyball team would need time to build a competative CIS volleyball program they would have the potion to play in the less competative PacWest regional BC sports league which is the league in which VI Universitiy Mariners play in giving the Voctoria volleyball team an instant rival on the island in that sport.

Yes we are the same page. As long as women have access to competitive sports - not necessarily in the same sports as the men - but an equal opportunity to field a team if they can do so competitively and the money and the effort spent is reasonably equal - there should be no problem. It shouldn't have to be in the same sports. AFAIK there is no great demand for mens' field hockey teams in the CIS, why would you require a womens' football squad simply because the men have one? Just seems like carrying a point way too far.

Besides which, I'd really love to see a 9 or 10 team CW.

The policy for the CIS is to have an equal amount of sports for men and women, they do not have to be the same. At least I think that is the rule.
For U Victoria to have such a rule back then was just an easy way to say we cant do football. Right now I see that there is a Womens Field hockey team as you said. I imagine the mens sport to even it out would be rugby.
Thats why I though women's Volleyball could be the even out sport for football as like football they already have the facility in the Gym for basketball to host the women's Volleyball team as well as centenial field for soccer that would host the mens football team.
I would figure the football team would be able to combine with the Rebels to ease there way into the CIS football from the BCFC. While the Womens Volleyball team could play in the lower level Pac west conference which is more regional and would not be of much travel cost. If the Women's Volleyball team would get to the point to make the move to CIS that would be fine but there would be no hurry as the PACWEST has a full slate of about 10 schools from BC and rival VI University right on the Island as a natural rival within the pacwest league. SO they may want to stay in the Pacwest for that reason

pppp...women are free to be cheerleaders at any of the sports...there you go...equal fact bias for women, as they have their sports as well as the opportunity to cheer at the real ones..ahh...I mean men's sports. I demand that women's sports in CIS be cut back because of this!!!!!


sit back

wait to be read the Riot Act


LOL. no backlash but it could be considered a women's sport as cheerleaders are athletes and do more than just cheer for games these days with compititions but Cheerleading may be considered a co ed sport as men particiapte on the Cheerleading teams who compete in events.
For Mens football the Women's natural equivalent could be field hockey as that is a mostly exclusive female sport in North America for the High School and University level. There is mens field hockey I believe on an international basis.

Very great comments the bottom line for everyone is that if the Aros would make a nice revenue chunk thena week night game at Rogers centre it would be well worth it


Playing 1 game a year at Moncton(or QBC, London, Windsor some non-CFL Canadian market) could yes very well be a money maker for the Argos.

But if the idea is to test the market IMO 1 game isn't going to do jack nor squat, other then if the game doesn't get to like 99%+ capacity it proves that it isn't a market(see Bills in TO series).

But TD Atlantic has sold out every time so far proving htere is SOME interest. Now if the goal is to prove there is REAL interest it's time to step the game up, meaning multiple games in a year so basically a season ticket mini-pack can be sold.

Two options for this:
A) If the Argos 'growing' season ticket base falters Argos apparently sold hundreds maybe in the thousands range of new Season tickets during the playoffs/grey cup after this season, play a 3 game series in Moncton for 2014.(Pre-season + 2 July games), it gets the Argos away from Rogers center/TO during Blue Jays busy season and see's what Moncton's appitite is for 3 games(make all 3 Argo home games and vs. MTL/OTT for the above french and distance reasons, make sure the Argos other pre-season game + 1 game are in Hammy so the few Diehard Argo fans can try to get to those games)

B) With Rogers wanting grass likely in '16/17 time range for Rogers Center then in a season where the Argos have no home play anywhere from 5 to a full 11 game(playoffs) season in Atlantic Canada, preferably one stadium(like Moncton) that can get up past 20K seats(with temps) an easy comprimise for those Argos season ticket holders is hold two Argo "home games" at the new Ivor Wynn with Argos season ticket holders getting prime seats for those games and the rest going to the public(as they are Argos not Ti-cat home games).
Heck could be interest to make it a season of Quebec City vs. the Maritimes. 4 games each with the 2 vs. Hamilton Argo home games in Tiger town. Whichever city Supports the Argos better in that season gets the 10th CFL franchise within the next.. 3-4 years(once the facility and ownership public or private is in place, similiar to how Ottawa has gone but preferably no legal challenges)
In that year away from Rogers a permanent home stadium solution needs to be found within the GTA... well the preferred idea would be that this like the Ti-cats is the year away while it is in construction.

Either way with A or B, if the the Maritimes(or QBC if they go there, but atm it's Moncton) can prove they can support the Argos vs. Eastern teams for 3+ games in a single season, that should definitely be enough to prove the CFL can work there.
Now if an owner doesn't step up, well it's time to go with the Community owned model that has proven very successful in Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg.
***TO BE CLEAR, the CFL is already considering the Community owned-model for a 10th team, as per Mark Cohon"

[url=] ... 30754.html[/url]

"All is predicated on a few different factors; building a stadium, a CFL-viable stadium, finding the right owner or ownership group or even considering a community-owned team, so there's a lot of different things in play."

Well like a may have mentioned something that started off with one purpose could have evolved into another purpose. If the Maritimes indeed do not get team 10 and Quebec City does it is not unusual for a team to play one game a season in a different city if becomes a big event for the city and a big revenue maker for the team.
Bills and Jags are doing it i the NFL.
Years ago Northwestern was a terrible big ten team it would move their home game vs Ohio St. to Clevland Stafium home for the Indians and would pack the place with OSU fans and a huge money maker at the gate.